Complete Marvel Timeline: TV Shows Included

After catching up to the end of Episode 4 of Loki, I decided to create my own spreadsheet of the MCU movies and shows in chronological order....except there wasn't one article that had everything in MCU entertainment all together. So I made my spreadsheet and then decided to post about it so my fellow Marvel … Continue reading Complete Marvel Timeline: TV Shows Included

20 Best Looks From The 77th #GoldenGlobes

The 77th Golden Globes are on tonight and the red carpet was no joke! So many star-studded celebrities came out to celebrate at the tv and film award show, and they definitely put on a show. Follow the list* as 20 of our favourite actors and actresses dressed the best (in our opinion and in … Continue reading 20 Best Looks From The 77th #GoldenGlobes

Reklist: The New Entertainment Tracker

AD| Before I even started book blogging 6+ years ago, I was on Goodreads. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a website and app that helps you find books and authors, track your reading, make bookish friends etc. Over the years, my love for the app has grown as I’ve been able to … Continue reading Reklist: The New Entertainment Tracker

#UmbrellaAcademy: Pick A Member, Pick A Book

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon Hello everyone! So, one of my favourite shows right now is The Umbrella Academy on Netflix *insert an infinite amount of heart eyes* It just came out last week and I immediately fell in love with it, even though I had no idea what it was … Continue reading #UmbrellaAcademy: Pick A Member, Pick A Book

Friday Finds: Reboot #2

Hello everyone! So last week, I rebooted Friday Finds and today is the second week of the reboot! Now, Friday Finds is a feature where I gather all the latest writing tips, book/fandom news and random but fun things like quizzes all into one post, and there's a LOT today! If you want to catch … Continue reading Friday Finds: Reboot #2