How I Deal with Book Hangovers

Hey peoples! So today's day 25 of Book Bumbling's  #BookBlogWriMo and today's prompt is "Pig out? Take a nap? How do you deal?" Before I get into that though, let me first explain that #BookBlogWriMo is "a lax version of  NaNoWriMo for  book  bloggers. [There are] prompts for  each day, discussing  different topics around books,  blogging, and  books … Continue reading How I Deal with Book Hangovers

Friday Finds: Week 7

Hello amigos! This is week 7 of Friday Finds, the blog's newest feature! Friday Finds is basically "the place where you will get all your fandom related news (that means book news and their movies news) and your writing/blogging news". If you want more info, and you want to see all the other weeks' news, click … Continue reading Friday Finds: Week 7