50+ Mythological & Fairytale Retellings

Hello everyone! So, like everyone else on the internet, I died of happiness when I heard the awesome news of the Percy Jackson series TV adaptation; Rick Riordan's books were the start to my love of all things mythology, whether it was Greek, Roman or Egyptian. Since then, I've read anything that was inspired by … Continue reading 50+ Mythological & Fairytale Retellings

#TonyAwards: Recaps, Reactions & Recommendations (Oh My!) – Guest Post

We texted each other during the entirety of the Tony’s (and to be honest, for a few hours every day about our theatrical obsessions with text-based analyses). To share our mutual nerdiness with all of you, we have compiled a recap of the performances of musicals and presentations of playwrights you might have seen (or … Continue reading #TonyAwards: Recaps, Reactions & Recommendations (Oh My!) – Guest Post

7 Spooky Books To Read In October

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So, October has begun and it is one of my most favourite months of the year!! I love how it feels more fall-like, the weather and, especially, the fact that it is Halloween month! This October, among the many projects I am doing (inktober, UNICEF's … Continue reading 7 Spooky Books To Read In October