#TonyAwards: Recaps, Reactions & Recommendations (Oh My!) – Guest Post

We texted each other during the entirety of the Tony’s (and to be honest, for a few hours every day about our theatrical obsessions with text-based analyses). To share our mutual nerdiness with all of you, we have compiled a recap of the performances of musicals and presentations of playwrights you might have seen (or … Continue reading #TonyAwards: Recaps, Reactions & Recommendations (Oh My!) – Guest Post

All YA Is #MorallyComplicatedYA

Hello guys! So IDK if you've heard but Twitter has blown up once again at least in the book world. Why you ask? Because of an author who got a 6 figure publishing deal (yay!) who took a swing at YA authors and readers (boo!). The article that started it is YA Debut Gets Six-Figure Deal, … Continue reading All YA Is #MorallyComplicatedYA

Yet Another Shadowhunter Reaction Post

Hello everyone and welcome (back) to Avid Reader! So last Saturday I made a reaction post on some of the biggest news we've heard on the new Shadowhunters TV series: production was starting in May (in Vancouver) and casting calls were made (including general descriptions of the characters). Now many (yes, me included) freaked out … Continue reading Yet Another Shadowhunter Reaction Post

My Thoughts on the “Shadowhunters” Developments

Hello everyone! So if you've been paying attention to the fandom part of my Friday Finds posts, then you'll notice I've been paying close attention to any developments happening on The Mortal Instruments TV Show, officially called "Shadowhunters". Lately though, the developments are saying it's getting very very close to production and, with all the … Continue reading My Thoughts on the “Shadowhunters” Developments