DISCUSSION: #POCbent and the Media

Hello everyone!! So this last week I did something kind of interesting on Twitter.....I #POCbent it up. Now for those who don't understand a word of what I said, let me break it down: Over the last 500 years or so, there's been an emergence of people wanting characters to be more diverse (and rightly … Continue reading DISCUSSION: #POCbent and the Media

My Top Ten 2016 Resolutions/Goals

Hello everyone! So like most everyone else, I have a ton of resolutions/goals I want to complete this year. Some are more personal and some are blog/business related so here's a compliation of my top 10 resolutions and goals! Hope you enjoy: 1) Finallyyyy create an artsy shop. I have been waiting for this for … Continue reading My Top Ten 2016 Resolutions/Goals

Friday Finds: Week 29

Hello!┬áThis is week 29 of Friday Finds! Friday Finds is basically "the place where you will get all your fandom related news (that means book news and their movies news) and your writing/blogging news". If you want more info, and you want to see all the other weeks' news, click here. Now let's get this … Continue reading Friday Finds: Week 29