Blogging A Book – Guest Post

Hello, everybody!  I’d like to thank Fantasy Angel for graciously letting me talk books here on her lovely blog.  See, I love books.  Love. Them.  I love holding them, I love smelling them, I love reading them.  But most of all?  I love writing them. I also love blogging.  I’ve been blogging in one place … Continue reading Blogging A Book – Guest Post

Write Haiku – Guest Post

I was all set to Craft an amazing post all About how writing   Is my passion, my Fav’rite creative outlet. It was gonna be   A masterpiece, all About how my brain forges New connections while   Engaged in forming New worlds, new characters, new Societies.  But   Then I awoke to A sick … Continue reading Write Haiku – Guest Post

Inspiration, or, What’s in a name? – Guest Post

Suddenly they all died.  The end.  It’s gotten me more compliments than I can shake a stick at.  One person even said that it    was the best title for a writer’s blog she’d ever seen. Comments like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂   The idea for my site’s title … Continue reading Inspiration, or, What’s in a name? – Guest Post