2018 Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

*this post includes affiliate links* Hello everyone! With the holidays coming up, you may be wondering what to get your resident bookdragon!¬†Should you get them a book? Ahhh they may already have it. Should you get them an Amazon gift card and let them choose? Eeep maybe too impersonal. What about a bookISH gift? Yep! … Continue reading 2018 Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

DISCUSSION: Book-ish Tips For Students

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So, this month is August and, like millions of people around the world, I'm headed back to school! With going back to school (specifically, university for me) comes buying textbooks, figuring out which books to bring from home, making plans for posts to write … Continue reading DISCUSSION: Book-ish Tips For Students

DISCUSSION: Writing Tools, Resources & Tips

Hello everyone! So, between being a blogger, student, and creative writer, I write a pretty good amount....and I also make a lot of typos and mistakes. Over the years, I've learned how to be a better writer spanning across how I come up with & execute my ideas, writing style, techniques, and editing in general. … Continue reading DISCUSSION: Writing Tools, Resources & Tips

DISCUSSION: The Magic of Pre-Order Incentives

Hello everyone! So, today, I wanted to talk about something that's always fascinated me since I've heard of them: pre-order incentives (POIs). It's a conversation I've seen going around Twitter for a long while (legit, I started this post in September) but, before being a book blogger (and actually up until 2 yrs into my … Continue reading DISCUSSION: The Magic of Pre-Order Incentives

DISCUSSION: 100+ Muslim Books & Creators

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So, earlier in the year, I made a post with 10 books by/with Muslims, and linked to a couple threads I did on Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon, however, as the year went on and I added more books between them, I realized I was … Continue reading DISCUSSION: 100+ Muslim Books & Creators