Ultimate Survival Guide to Book Conventions & Festivals

Hello everyone! This week is one of the biggest weeks for bookish people as people from around the world flock to Blogbound, Book Expo, and, Book Con. Whether you have been to one, two or all of the conventions, the experience can be a doozy, to say the least. Over the years, it’s common for … Continue reading Ultimate Survival Guide to Book Conventions & Festivals

DISCUSSION: Book-ish Tips For Students

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So, this month is August and, like millions of people around the world, I'm headed back to school! With going back to school (specifically, university for me) comes buying textbooks, figuring out which books to bring from home, making plans for posts to write … Continue reading DISCUSSION: Book-ish Tips For Students

Book Publicity Contacts Directory

Hello everyone! So, a bit ago, I wrote a discussion on what an ARC (advance reader's copy) is, how people get them, how you can get them and more! One thing that I realized later, though, was that there are a LOT of publishers out there in the US & internationally, and even more imprints … Continue reading Book Publicity Contacts Directory

DISCUSSION: Writing Tools, Resources & Tips

Hello everyone! So, between being a blogger, student, and creative writer, I write a pretty good amount....and I also make a lot of typos and mistakes. Over the years, I've learned how to be a better writer spanning across how I come up with & execute my ideas, writing style, techniques, and editing in general. … Continue reading DISCUSSION: Writing Tools, Resources & Tips

DISCUSSION: All About ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies)

Hello everyone! So, if you're a part of the bookish community, you've probably heard of the acronym/thing "ARCs". For me, I didn't know about them until like 2 yrs into blogging (as I never really interacted with people who talked about ARCs) and now they are everywhere lol Anyways, there are probably a bunch of … Continue reading DISCUSSION: All About ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copies)