#LEVELUP: 3 Ways To Re-Purpose Content

Hello everyone! If you haven't heard, I have a new weekly blog series called "Level Up" where, every Sunday, I'd touch on a way to take your blog and/or business to the next level. You can check out all the other posts in the series here! Last week on Level Up (that felt very TV show-y lol), … Continue reading #LEVELUP: 3 Ways To Re-Purpose Content

Top Ten Books I Wish Were Longer

Hey everyone! So as readers, there must have been at least one time were you've finished a book and felt unfulfilled; "That's all?!" you say in sadness and frustration. I've had alot of these times so I decided to put them in a top ten list. Warning: This list may cause you a rehash of frustration … Continue reading Top Ten Books I Wish Were Longer