2015 End of Year Wrap Up and Survey

Hello guys! So it is new Year's Eve here in the USA and my blog survey failed a couple of days ago (thank you Typeform) so I am doing a joint End of Year post and Blog Survey post! I'll be telling you some great things that happened with me in the book world and … Continue reading 2015 End of Year Wrap Up and Survey


Mistakes are very easily done but can be hard to get out of or fix. Ironic, eh?

Not True Love

You think you love me, But we're young and foolish. You think it would be forever, But I leave forever tomorrow. You think it can work, But I know it won't. So leave your love behind And look to the future. Save the tears for happiness. And I'll see you at the next reunion. *sorry … Continue reading Not True Love

Watch Me

Stay with me in silence While I bask in your kind and inquiring eyes And pour out my soul. Watch as I see your eyes widen Seeing you've made a mistake. Watch as we return to superficial friends.

A Bookish World

I live in a world of my own, filled with things that people can only dream of, when I read a book.