Company Spotlight: Grammarly

Hello everyone! So, today I am partnering with Grammarly (#westanaffilates lol) to give a rundown of the company and what it does. If you haven't heard of Grammarly before, it is an online tool that checks your writing for all kinds of mistakes (depending on the plan you get) including spelling, punctuation, grammar, even plagiarism! … Continue reading Company Spotlight: Grammarly

Iconic Books of the Decade: 2010’s

Let's start off by saying 10 years is a longgggg time and a lot can change in those ten years. In the 2010s, a lot definitely did change, especially in regards to books, even more so Young Adult novels. There were also more than a few markers of these changes, in the forms of the … Continue reading Iconic Books of the Decade: 2010’s

All About #BannedBooks: Why Are Books Banned? Should They Be Banned?

It is #BannedBooksWeek, also known as the week where every literary enthusiast comes to arms about the fact that certain books are banned for what some might consider ridiculous reasons, all across the world. Today, though, I wanted to talk about the topic, specifically in highlighting the main reasons books are banned, and consider if … Continue reading All About #BannedBooks: Why Are Books Banned? Should They Be Banned?

#GoodOmens: Episode 1 – Lili’s Recap Review

Do I ever really need a reason to watch David Tennant? The amount of films and tv shows I’ve watched since Doctor Who because of my favorite doctor is…a lot. So just for a matter of perspective, that’s where I’m coming from – a David Tennant fan. I’ve never read Good Omens, even though any … Continue reading #GoodOmens: Episode 1 – Lili’s Recap Review

The Importance of Trigger Warnings

Hi everyone! I’m J from the BookTube channel J.L. Todd the Diction Puppeteer! Today I will be writing about a topic I am very passionate about: trigger/content warnings in books and their importance. First of all, let’s all get on the same page of what “triggered” means. It does NOT mean that someone gets mad … Continue reading The Importance of Trigger Warnings