Partner With Us

Opportunities Available

  • Product Reviews ie. subscription boxes, merchandise, other
  • Sponsored Posts (email to discuss rates)
  • Interviews
  • Guest Posts
  • Panelist/Guest Speaker

Product Review Policy

If you wish for me to review your book or product please send me a message using our contact page or via our email with the following things in the message:

  • Your name and company
  • The type of product you wish me to review and its name
  • A small summary of the book or a little about your company/product
  • Your email so I can contact you

Panelist/Guest Speaker Policy

Please send an email with the following information:

  • your name and the convention/tour/event name
  • where and when you would want me to be
  • any transportation, hotel or money accommodations you can provide
  • a general idea of what you want me to speak about
  • anything else you think I should know about

Please Note

  • All reviews we do go up on the website and are automatically shared on our Twitter.
  • We review books based on my experience and love for them, we will not accept monetary recompense for giving a book or product a good review.
  • You must be willing to at least send me a copy of the book in epub/mobi format; I do not accept PDF format. If we already own the book, we will tell you and you will not need to send another copy.
  • If we review your book/product, we require that you please promote the post via social media.
  • I can give no guarantee that I will accept your request, like your book or product or review it quickly/on time; I am only one person with not enough time to read and review everything. If I can’t review something in time, I might ask for you to do an interview or guest post instead. There is no guarantee I will offer these options though.

*policies are subject to change at any time*


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  1. I think your blog’s purpose is great. It gives a resource for those wanting to know the value of a book before they read it. It also gives those seeking evaluations a source to be evaluated.

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