About Us

1990s / early 2000s

Angel learns how to read and does so…. A LOT. And she happens to love it a lot, too. But she tends not to know anyone who shares that same love of books as she does. So she feels a little lonely….

August 2012

Angel finds out about blogging and decides to make a little blog called ‘Avid Reader’, on Weebly to talk about all the books and movies she likes. It doesn’t gain many views but she feels like her voice is heard so she’s more than happy….

December 2013

Not many people are talking to Angel on her blog but she knows there are others like her out there. So she researches other platforms and finds WordPress….

January 2014

‘Avid Reader’ finds a new home on WordPress and, as Angel joins different WordPress-hosted challenges, she begins to find a community of online friends…

2014 – 2019

For four and a half years, Angel finds herself more and more at home within the bookish community, especially after she joins Twitter in mid-2014. She goes to conventions & book signings and meets soooo many people. She also starts working with publishers like Macmillan, and some other companies too! She gains confidence – personally and professionally – and realizes she can be even better….

June 2019 – ?

In June 2019, Angel turns ‘Avid Reader’ from a book blog to a full-on entertainment website that talks about books, music, movies, and TV shows! She’s really happy, too, and is no longer lonely. ❤

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  1. ANGEL! I am literally disgusted with myself because I just realised I’m not following you even though I read your posts ARGH what is wrong with me. Right, just gonna go and rectify that situation. I don’t think I’ve said it before, but I absolutely love your blog!

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