5 Books To Read For #WorldMentalHealthDay

World Mental Health Day | Mental Health Foundation

Hello everyone and welcome back to Avid Reader! It’s been a long while and, honestly, I didn’t think I would be back again. But today is World Mental Health Day, and, in collaboration with several other bloggers, I’m listing 5 fiction books that deal with mental health. In these books, mental health issues are not the only or main topic of the book BUT they are an important facet of it, something I very much enjoyed. Here are those 5 books:

  1. the ninth house by leigh bardugo
  2. sadie by Courtney summers
  3. the poppy war by r.f. kuang
  4. conversion by Katherine howe
  5. saints and misfits by s.k. ali.

And those are the books! It’s a relatively short list, I know, but like I said, they’re among my favorites for how they handle the topic of mental health in their varying genres in fiction without being the only topic in the book. To read my fellow bloggers’ lists, check out these links:

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