7 Iconic BTS Songs New Fans Should Listen To

7 Iconic Songs by BTS New Fans Should Listen To

BTS is one of my most favourite groups out there and it’s really cool when new people find the group and realize the boys are amazing at what they do. Now, with BTS’ latest comeback album Map of the Soul: 7, a lot of new ARMYs (aka BTS fans) joined us (yayyy!!) New songs aren’t all there are, though, so, for you to listen to in-between the group’s newer songs, here are 7 (lol see what I did there) old iconic BTS songs you should listen to:

  1. No More Dream: as one of the first songs the group debuted with, No More Dream holds a special place in my heart. The song itself talks of a common problem students and young adults have: feeling like they’re not living the life they want, and, instead, fulfilling someone else’s dream. When I first heard it, it brought me back to the days in high school when I was stressed out of my mind, and it specifically brought me back to moments in my senior year when I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to go to college for. Listen to it on Spotify here.
  2. Spine Breaker: if you have not seen the funniest music video BTS has ever made, then you are definitely missing out! Spine Breaker is a wonderful commentary on classism and money, and the music video is punctuated by some hilarious choreography and homemade video talent. Unlike the other videos they’ve done, it’s not up on the BTS YouTube channel because it was a challenge they did on BTS VLive. You can watch the challenge/behind-the-scenes video with the music video at the end, here.
  3. Cyphers pt 1 – 4: the rapline consists of RM, Suga, & J-Hope and y’alllllll there is a reason they are renowned rappers and why all four Cyphers are some of the best rap I’ve ever heard! Cypher pt 3 is my fave (it’s perfect to box to) but this medley the rapline did at a concert with Supreme Boi is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!
  4. Dope: with one of the most iconic intros I have ever heard in my life, Dope is definitely a song to listen to! It’s about hustling and trying to reach success in whatever you’re doing, something BTS is known for doing. Of course, I want to note that you should take care of yourself – mentally, emotionally, physically – while doing so as your health should not fall behind while you’re out working hard. Watch the music video for Dope here.
  5. Run: there’s not a lot I can say about Run and how complex and interesting it is that you won’t immediately feel when you watch its music video. So I’m just gonna leave the music video for it below and y’all can find out for yourself why it’s on this list.
  6. Baepsae (aka Silver Spoon): BTS does it again with another commentary about how society mistreats youth and, in doing so, maintain a life that is draining and unhealthy. Like No More Dream, it’s thoughtful and relevant and a song that I will love for the end of time because it is just so accurate. Listen to Baepsae on Spotify here.
  7. Spring Day: it would have been a sin to not include the Queen of Charts, Spring Day, as one of the most iconic songs BTS has ever created. Its lyrics are poetic – an understatement you will understand when you listen to the song -, and the imagery of the video is timeless. Much like Run, there aren’t enough words in any language that I could put together to say just how beautiful Spring Day is, so I’ll let you watch the video and feel it yourselves…

Honourable Mention Covers

  1. Born Singer: a song that never fails to make me cry, you might want to get the tissues ready
  2. Perfect Man: tied with Born Singer for my favourite cover by the group, Perfect Man showcases BTS’ vocals and choreo soooo well
  3. Rainism: with pretty much a replica of the original choreo, Jungkook and the rest of BTS take on Rainism – an already iconic song – really well
  4. As I Told You: BTS is in hockey gear, singing and dancing on stage….of course, this song is gonna be on this list

And, that’s all for my take on the most iconic older songs by BTS that all new ARMYs should listen to! What do you guys think? What are your favourite songs by BTS? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now!


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