Reklist: The New Entertainment Tracker


AD| Before I even started book blogging 6+ years ago, I was on Goodreads. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a website and app that helps you find books and authors, track your reading, make bookish friends etc. Over the years, my love for the app has grown as I’ve been able to more fully embrace its potential and actually post reviews there, and actively use and make lists to find more books. But, I’ve kind of hit a wall with it: it doesn’t cover anything else outside of books. It makes sense considering it’s named GoodREADS but, as someone who loves all types of entertainment like movies and tv shows, it was frustrating not to be able to track and find new movies or shows, just like I could with Goodreads. I’ve complained to Twitter and my friends soooo much lol….

And then I found Reklist. Well, Reklist found me lol I was asked if I wanted to do a sponsored post about them and, when I checked out their website and found they were what I’d been searching for all these years, I couldn’t help but say a very big YES! Here is my honest review about my experience on Reklist thus far….

The Good:

  • It has alllll forms of entertainment: books, movies, tv shows, music, and podcasts! And, it’s not just North American based entertainment, there are all kinds of languages/countries represented! If you watched a Korean drama, you can add it! If you listened to Arabic music, you can add it! If you read a book in Spanish, you can add it!
  • For most things, you can see related/similar things that others have watched, along the lines of “if you liked this, you’ll like this” which is veryyyyy helpful to me as someone who is a very mood watcher and reader. Some work on the recs themselves can be done but, overall, they fit pretty well!
  • For every entertainment thing, you can see where to find it! So, if you want to watch My Hero Academia, for example, when you click on its page, you find that you can watch it on Hulu, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes. (Ps. you can also watch it on an anime site called Crunchyroll) As someone who wants to watch a variety of shows and movies, it really helps to know where I should go to watch them instead of searching for them fifty times over lol
  • You can also see who plays in each show or movie, for example, and then find out what else they played in which definitely helps answer the age-old “omg that person looks really familiar; what did they play in?!?!?!”
Reklist Interface

Reklist Interface

The Not-So-Good:

  • The website is a little slow and the user interface is a little clunky but it’s in its beginning stages and doesn’t really affect my experience so I get it
  • There’s no way to add in the date you watched/read/listened to something which kind of sucks considering I really like that feature on Goodreads, and like being able to track and analyze things
  • Going off that, there’s also no way to “re-watch/read/listen” to something which is kind of annoying as I wanna be able to see, for example, how often I rewatch Harry Potter (#WizardingWeekend here we come!)

Another part of my experience with Reklist is that you can add your friends to it and see what they add on there and Rek to people then roast them for it. You can Rek things to your friends that you think they’d like and vice versa! Plus, you can see, in general, what is trending entertainment-wise on the site, all of which is making my “to read/watch/listen to” list so much bigger hahahaha And there’s a $15 gift card you can get when you refer 10 people to Reklist which is definitely not helping me not watch more movies lol

about reklist

Reklist Features

Overall, I quite like Reklist and I’m definitely gonna continue using it (Goodreads is still main for books rn though) There’s a couple kinks in the interface and some things could be included/made better but, for a relatively new company, it’s doing pretty well! Plus, I’ve been dyingggggg for something like Reklist for so long & I haven’t really found anything that stands up against it.

So, what do you guys think of Reklist? It’s completely free so you can try it out for yourselves too! If you try it out, I’d love to know what you think too, please! Let me know in the comments below! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


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*this post includes a referral link I have with Reklist 😀

3 thoughts on “Reklist: The New Entertainment Tracker

  1. Hey Melina! I’m Dan, one of Reklist’s co-founders. We just had a meeting last night and talked about adding a timestamp to the rating/watched feature based on your and Angel’s feedback. We also talked about the rewatch/relisten/reread feature and are going to start working on how that’d look and work. It’ll especially help with TV shows, since there are multiple seasons. As for the mobile app, it’s in the works but before we focus solely on that, we want to get some more traction on the webapp and build it up to the point that it’s ready for the App Store. So feel free to spread the word! Thanks so much for the feedback!!

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  2. This is pretty cool! I always wanted an all in one entertainment platform like goodreads! Does this come in an app form? Also, like you said, I would love it even more if they added what date you watched/read/listened. I also would love this if they allowed you to reread/rewatch/relisten just like good reads does with books. Great post! I have never heard of them before, but I’ll check it out 🙂 xx

    Melina |

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