#LEVELUP: 52 Blog Post Ideas

level up: 52 blog post ideas

Hello everyone!! If you haven’t heard, I have a new weekly blog series called “Level Up” where, every Sunday, I’d touch on a way to take your blog and/or business to the next level. You can check out all the other posts in the series here! Now, coming up with post ideas that aren’t reviews can be hard to do BUT, today, I have 52 post ideas just for you! Some of them I’ve done before actually so, if I have, I’ll link to that post so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about/get inspired! Let’s goooo….

General Ideas

Seasonal/Holiday-Themed Ideas

Aaaand that’s 52 blog post ideas, one for every week of the year if you want! TBH, though I’ve done a lot of the blog posts above, I also came up with quite a few I hadn’t and now I have more ideas for the blog! So, yayyyyy we Leveled Up!! Are there any blog post ideas you have? Or did you use one of the ideas for your own blog? Let me know in the comments below + link me to the blog post pls and thank you!

And, if you have any questions now or at any point in the Level Up series or if there’s something you generally or specifically want me to talk about, feel free to comment below, tweet me @AvidReaderBlog, or email me at avidreaderofficial@gmail.com! Thanks, have a great day/night, and tata for now!


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