Book Publicity Contacts Directory

Book Publicity Contacts Directory

Hello everyone! So, a bit ago, I wrote a discussion on what an ARC (advance reader’s copy) is, how people get them, how you can get them and more! One thing that I realized later, though, was that there are a LOT of publishers out there in the US & internationally, and even more imprints – aka sub-divisions of a publishing company and target specific consumer markets or age group…. And all of them have a bunch of different emails and request forms for ARCs which can get quite overwhelming.

So, today I thought I would compile a list of the publicity contacts and request forms for all the publishing companies and imprints I know into one big directory that you can use as you request ARCs! Hope you enjoy….

Young Adult & Children’s Publisher Request Forms

United States

Amazon Publishing: for general inquiries

Disney: for general inquiries

Harlequin (by publicist)

Harper Collins (by publicist)

Hatchette Book Group

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

Macmillan (by imprint)

Oni-Press/Lion Forge

Penguin-Random House


Simon & Schuster (by publicist)

Sourcebooks: for general inquiries


Harper Collins

Hatchette Book Group: for general inquiries

Penguin Random House

Simon & Schuster (by publicist)

United Kingdom/Ireland

Harper Collins (by publicist)

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Penguin Random House


Simon & Schuster


Harper Collins (by publicist)

Macmillan: for general inquiries

Penguin Random House

Simon & Schuster (by publicist)


Harper Collins: for general inquiries

Macmillan: for general inquiries

Penguin Random House

Simon & Schuster (by publicist)

South Africa


Penguin Random House

And that’s all for now! I will be monitoring this post and updating as needed so keep checking back for any and all additions and changes! Also, if you know of any updates – new people/emails, new request forms, an imprint going away, or being added – feel free to comment below or tweet me and let me know of the change! It’s a huge list and industry so any help is much appreciated!! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!!


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