2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour – Introduction

2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour

Hello everyone! So, today I am introducing a new post tour thing I will be doing for the next two months (July & August) on the blog, in between your regularly scheduled content: the 2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour!! It’s hosted by my friends Jessica, Amber & Emily over at The Book Bratz, and I am so excited to be a part of it!! Here’s some info about what I’ll be doing for the next two months….

What Is It?

The Summer Blogger Promo Tour is a massive blogger connection tour on a small scale where two bloggers partner up to do posts on their own & on each other’s blogs! Like I said above, it runs for all of July and August but only on Sundays. My partner this year is an old friend, Tanya from Bookish Fangirl!

What Does All This Mean For You?

To be honest, not much will change post-wise for you guys in that I will still be posting other days of the week (hopefully lol) as per usual. The only difference is that now, at least, there will always be a post on Sunday either from myself or as a guest post from Tanya! On the days Tanya guests posts on here, I will also be guest posting on Tanya’s blog so make sure you check it out so you can keep up to date with all the fun stuff we’re planning on doing!

All in all, I am soooo excited for this!! It’s gonna be fun catching up with Tanya and partnering up with her on our posts! Don’t forget to follow Tanya’s blog and follow her on Twitter, and definitely follow The Book Bratz’s website and Twitter too….and my Twitter too please lol. Anyways, are you guys doing the Summer Blogger Promo Tour too? If so, what’s your blog and who are you partnering with? I’d love to check you guys out! And, for those not participating, how excited are you for all the new content coming out?! Let me know in the comments below!! Thanks, have a great day or night, and tata for now!


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