2018 Winter Olympics: Fandom Edition

2018 Winter Olympics: Fandom Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the who-knows-how-many-th Winter Olympics! The games officially started yesterday and, as usual, I was thinking of which parts I would watch (definitely figure skating). This led me then wonder what I would probably do if I was in the Olympics (also figure skating). Of course, because I was on a roll, I started thinking of which sports fictional characters would participate in and, thus, this post was born lol. I won’t be covering every sport (there’s so manyyyyy) or every spot on a team (again so manyyyyyy) however I hope you enjoy! Here we go…..

Hockey: Ginny Weasley, Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue, Wonder Woman – all of these ladies are the baddest of the bad when it comes to being awesome. I mean they definitely have other amazing qualities but I’m 100% sure they would actually KILL at hockey.

Bobsled: Batman, Green Arrow, Bucky Barnes – I’m not gonna lie, the only reason I picked these guys for bobsled was because I am having the funniest time imagining them all being so serious and moody as they do it hahahahaha

Figure Skating (doubles): Luna Lovegood & Draco Malfoy, Cisco Ramon & Caitlin Snow – now, these pairings might seem weird for figure skating (esp Luna & Draco) but I feel like the characters would work well together and it would certainly be interesting to watch how Caitlyn manages on the ice

Speed Skating: Captain America, The Flash, Kid Flash – we all know Captain America as being some really buff, all American dude who takes down villains, however, if you’ve watched The Winter Soldier, you also know he’s a fast dude which should make him good for speed skating! Now, Flash and Kid Flash were also both on the US speed skating team but they would probably be kicked out for being too fast (unfortunately…..we’d have killed at the/any sport if the Flash boys were on our team)

Skiing: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Ron Weasley – I’m not sure why this makes sense but, in my head, it just does. I mean Percy’s got the whole water thing going on and snow’s made out of water but, really, it’s just pretty funny to think about the three guys trying to race each other down the slopes.

Snowboarding: Hermione Granger, Peter Parker, Katniss Everdeen – ok so the reason I picked these three for the snowboarding team is because they would be freaking amazing at it. I’m not sure what it is but they just seem like they’d be good at it. I mean, Hermione’s got the exercise and Arithmancy skills to figure out the fastest/best way down, Peter just loves the sport and is really excited about it, and Katniss is probably pretty good at navigation. Overall, though, these three just seem like snowboarders and that’s really all there is to it.

Curling: Nico de Angelo, Castiel, Superman – as the designated oldies – whether by actual age or at heart -, Nico, Castiel and Superman would probably love curling and excel at it. At the very least, Nico could raise the dead and help em out but I’m not gonna judge their strategy of Nico yelling at Superman to not slide the stone out so strong, and then yelling at Castiel to keep sweeping.

And that’s it for the Winter Olympics sports teams, fandom edition. To be honest, most of the characters were picked because there was something about them that just felt like they would be good at their respective sport. But, what do you think of the sports teams? Do you agree with my character placements or not? And who else do you think would kill at one of the sports? Let me know in the comments below!! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!!!


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