Fireblood by Elly Blake – Spoiler-ish Review

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Fireblood by Elly BlakeHello everyone! So, last summer, I read Fireblood* by Elly Blake, and I, of course, forgot to post about it on here (oops!). Now, Fireblood is the second book to Frostblood* which I had enjoyed. When reading Fireblood, though, I had some….thoughts…. Before I explain my thoughts and review the book (which I shall admit is relatively spoilery), here’s some information about Frostblood (since the synopsis for Fireblood is very spoilery), via Goodreads:

Seventeen-year-old Ruby is a Fireblood who has concealed her powers of heat and flame from the cruel Frostblood ruling class her entire life. But when her mother is killed trying to protect her, and rebel Frostbloods demand her help to overthrow their bloodthirsty king, she agrees to come out of hiding, desperate to have her revenge.

Despite her unpredictable abilities, Ruby trains with the rebels and the infuriating – yet irresistible – Arcus, who seems to think of her as nothing more than a weapon. But before they can take action, Ruby is captured and forced to compete in the king’s tournaments that pit Fireblood prisoners against Frostblood champions. Now she has only one chance to destroy the maniacal ruler who has taken everything from her – and from the icy young man she has come to love. 

Characters (B-):

  • Ruby: she seemed interesting and I like how she handled most things that happened to her and I felt she grew as a character at least a little bit but she didn’t fully feel like her own character which is a bit weird. Rather she felt more like a mix of Mare from Red Queen* (by Victoria Aveyard) and Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses* (by Sarah J Maas). So ya, it was a bit off-putting for Ruby to not entirely feel like herself and it seemed to carry throughout the entire book.
  • Kai: first off, for me, the name Kai belongs to Prince Kai from The Lunar Chronicles* (by Marissa Meyer) so having someone in this book have the same name as a popular character from another book made it a bit different in reading Kai as I imagined fireblood Kai to also be Asian with black hair like his TLC counterpart when, in fact, he has reddish-brown hair which then reminded me of Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic* (by Victoria Schwab). His bantering then being vulnerable like 1 or 2 times also just felt like every extra male love interest who’s doomed not to get the girl. As if he’s simply there to make the woman MC (in this case, Ruby) feel rogue for 2 seconds before she realizes she’s in love with the other (a little safer/sometimes boring) male love interest and I wasn’t too fond of that. Also he seemed like a copy of early Arcus from Frostblood when he was snarky and “I hate you but I love you” and “I’m very broody mwahahaha” and Kai just didn’t feel like he was his own character (see the theme that seems to be playing out??)
  • Arcus: okay Arcus was so so so boring in Fireblood! Like the man only had two moods: freeze everyone out and be really annoyed OR be so very lovey dovey sweet and it was so disappointing because he didn’t seem to grow at all character wise. Like even Ruby, who didn’t entirely seem herself, grew a bit! He was just very ugh and kind of bland.

Plot (B+):

  • Ok so the plot seemed to save Fireblood this time (also the cover looks really cool) as everything played out quite cool-y (the irony). I mean, a couple of things that happened felt very cliché and I did roll my eyes a couple times but overall, I think the sequence of events seemed to click together and make sense even though it was all a bit wow in what happened (read the book and you’ll get what I mean).

Overall, I liked Fireblood*, I mean it was eh/okay, but I will be looking out for the next book as I’m interested to see what happens next and to see if the characters will be better. Therefore, I do suggest you read Fireblood and let me know what you guys think, down below in the comments! Also, are you guys a Frostblood (icy powers) or a Fireblood (fire powers)?? I think I’d be a Fireblood as I love being warm and I think fire can be quite pretty lol Regardless of who you are, let me know in the comments below! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


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*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon 😀

2 thoughts on “Fireblood by Elly Blake – Spoiler-ish Review

  1. Lovely review! I’m sorry you didn’t like it better. I found Arcus frustrating in this book for the same reasons as you. I’m looking forward to Nightblood, I hope Nightblood is more enjoyable for you 🙂

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