Book Con – Days 0: Macmillan Party + A Mini Meet Up

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Hello everyone! So a couple weekends (and a bit before that) I was over in New York City for Book Con *shrieks*!!!!! It was my first time EVER going to a convention and y’all I had the time of my LIFE! I did so much, got so many books, and met so many people and now I’m here with you to break down exactly what my trip was like, starting with the Thursday and Friday before Book Con weekend, June 1st and 2nd! Let’s begin…..


On Thursday, my mom and I spent 10.5 hours driving to New Jersey where some fam live. Now there are three decisions that were in that one sentence so let me explain:

Part 1: I live a ways away down on the east coast and so originally I was going to Greyhound it up (aka take a bus) to a hotel in NYC, however, I have fam in New Jersey which is almost an hour away from NYC so I cancelled my hotel and just decided I’d stay with them and not care about how early I’d get up.

Part 2: I was going to Greyhound it/my mom and I drove to NJ rather than fly to NJ because a) I did not want to have to watch how many books/swag I got so that it all fit on the plane/could get shipped and b) I would have to rent a car (which is $150 per day) so I could go back and forth to the train station where I would then have to pay even more money, just to get to Javits (where the con is) and I thought all that would be a waste of money and time. “But you could have gotten an Uber or something?!?!” you say. Well, yes, I could have. But Uber’s to and from New York are minimum $50 and considering I’d be making at least 2 trips a day with an Uber for three days, I wasn’t havin’ it.

Part 3: Now, because it was my first time at Book Con, I was quite a bit nervous to go to NYC by myself. Especially if I was driving. Especially because it’s Ramadan. I didn’t know if I’d be able to drive that long nor did I feel totally safe doing so. So my mom graciously said she’d come with me to NJ and we’d hang out there with the fam for the entire weekend.

So yeah. The entirety of Thursday was made up of me and my mom – mainly/pretty much my mom – driving – she kept refusing to let me drive – for 10.5 hours up to NJ, during which we had to drive through the most insane rain of my life. Like it wasn’t thundering/lightning-ing at all but it was straight up POURING water like there was no tomorrow and honestly, my mom is absolutely amazing through getting through it all. I, on the other hand, was sitting next to her, on edge, praying that we and everyone else on the road would be okay and telling her we should go to a rest stop and wait it out. Alhamdulillah (aka thankfully), though, we made it to NJ perfectly fine, only 15 or 20 minutes late to iftar (aka dinner).


Friday started off Book Con weekend in that, at 4:something PM, I rode the train – meaning NJ transit not NY metro – up to New York City and walked about 15 mins to the Ainsworth in Chelsea to go to the Macmillan/Fierce Reads party. Now, I got an invite to the party because I’ve been working with Macmillan/Fierce Reads for almost 2 years now. I couldn’t believe I got invited because going to parties was always something that popular bloggers/vloggers went to and I didn’t think I was that big of a blogger but somehow I was invited (ALHLA) and I went which was ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I met so many blogger and vlogger friends – sorry for being really awkward around y’all LOL – and even got to meet new and fave authors which was AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Like I met Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer and Kami Garcia. OMG!!!!!!!!! I actually squealed out loud when I met Leigh bc #fave and I fangirled a ton. I also got pictures with her and y’all she’s so awesomeeeeeee AND I THINK SHE RECOGNIZED MY TWITTER NAME/BLOG LIKE WHAT THE EVEN OHMYGOD!!!!!! I also met Marissa and WE TALKED LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE like what?!?!?!?!?!?! I fangirled so much when I met her too and legit said I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH ahahahahaha. I also got a picture with her and omg I can’t believe that happened!!!!!!!!! And then I met Kami Garcia who is so WOW like I expected her to be one thing but when I met her but she totally threw those expectations and was the total opposite. She was loud like I am, she was so cool and she apparently was a FIGHTER??!?!?! AND WE TALKED ABOUT STEROIDS AND HOW THEY’RE UNDETECTABLE SOMETIMES?!??!?!?!?! LIKE OMG LOVE HER!!!!!!! Granted, the convo came about because her new book is within the fighting/steroids realm but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH also SHE WENT TO THE SAME UNIVERSITY I’M GOING TO IF I REMEMBER THAT RIGHT AND THE LOVELY RECKLESS (one of her books) AND BROKEN BATTERED HEARTS (her newest book she’s writing) IS IN DC WHICH I LIVE CLOSE BY AND OMG I NEED TO READ THEM AND OMG LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

I also got to meet several newish authors (they were all new to me but some already had books out and some were just going to publish their first book) including:

which is WOW. I didn’t get to talk to everyone but I did talk to Mitali – she’s so lovely!!! -, Anna – omg she’s so sweet and she’s shorter than me -, Tillie – SHE WROTE A MEMOIR ABOUT ICE SKATING LOVE ALREADY -, and Emmy who was so sweet and so cool and took me under her wing because I was so nervous and awkward to mingle so she took me to go talk to people together and just ahhhhhhhhhh so excited!!!!!!!!

Also, I finally got to meet Brittany Pearlman and Mary V Atkin who are two publicists at Macmillan who I’ve been talking to for like ever and it was so cool to finally see them!!!!!!

At 7:50ish, though, I had to run – I actually just walked really fast as usual – so I could go eat dinner with a blogger friend named Kate over at Dallas BBQ in Times Square. Before I left the party, I got to take a not-so-little goodie bag with me! In a Fierce Reads tote bag I got an ARC of Moxie*, an ARC of You Bring The Distant Near*, an ARC of Spinning*, a HC of The Love Interest*, samplers of Children of Blood and Bone, The Language of Thorns* and Renegades*, nail polish for The Lovely Reckless* and a couple other random swag. Now, I already have a sampler of TLoT so I gave that to Carlotta, a friend and I also wasn’t that interested in The Love Interest so I gave it to Sophie, another friend, who really wanted to read it. The others I am so so sooooooooooo excited for and I can’t wait to read them all!!!

Now for the dinner, like I said, Kate and I went to Dallas BBQ as a sort of blogger, first-time-ever-seeing-each-other meetup and it was sooooooo much fun!!! We were meant to go with some more people, however, everyone but Kate had to bow out because they were tired from BEA which I was totally fine with. I’d much rather you care for your wellbeing and not eat dinner with us, than not be okay but still go to dinner. Nonetheless, it was amazing getting to meet Kate and eating and talking together!!! She’s such a sweet and cool person and we talked about anything and everything which was wonderful!! If you want to know what I got food wise, I got a chicken platter kind of thing for $8 and it had chicken, a TON of rice and cornbread and it was soooooooooo good! I also got honey mustard on the side and that was great! Afterwards, we got free mini cupcakes and Kate gave me hers so I got two and they were also great LOL (yes I get excited about cupcakes don’t judge they are awesome)! Then I went home (NJ home meaning) and hung out with the fam before sleeping and thinking of all the awesomeness to happen on Saturday……

End Thoughts

Overall, Thursday and Friday were pretty awesome! I so much appreciate my mom coming with me to NJ, and I had such a fun time at the Macmillan party and it was insanely awesome getting to meet Kate (y’all should totally follow her!)!!!! Saturday began the crazy though so check out my next post for what I did on Day 1 of Book Con 😉

*This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

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