How To Get Your Book Reviewed – Part 2, Contacting The Blogger

How To Get Your Book Reviewed: Contacting the Blogger

Hello everyone! So last week, I started a 3 week long feature I’m running called “How To Get Your Book Reviewed.” It’s mainly for all the authors out there wondering why bloggers may be turning them down and/or how to get more reviews. Last week, I discussed genres and policies, and why they are really important to pay attention to. Today, though, I’m going to talk about contacting the blogger! I hope you enjoy and learn something! Here we go:

So you’ve looked at their policy, checked the genres they read and checked the genre of your book and it matches. Yay! You look a little further and try to find how to contact them and what they want you to say in it but maybe they don’t tell you any specific requirements. Maybe they just tell you, “You can contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter or etc…” But what are you supposed to write in that contact? Which way of contact are you supposed to use? Well, here are a couple of starters/outlines for you based on what I like to see….

Email/Contact Form:

Hello (name of blogger!)

My name is (your author name) and I would love for you to read my (name of genre your book falls under), book (book name)! Here’s a little synopsis of it for you:

(Synopsis of book, typically three to five sentences long)

Thank you for your time and I hope you will want to read it! My contact info is (…..insert info here). Thanks again and have a nice day!

(your author name again)

Twitter (DM):

Hello (name of blogger!) My name is (your author name) and I would love for you to read my (name of genre your book falls under) book, (book name)! The book is about [insert 2 – 3 sentence long synopsis].

If you’re interested in knowing more/reading it, you can contact me at (…..insert info here). Thank you and have a nice day!

Now, generally, I don’t take requests from social media because, usually, they:

  • are from random people who don’t follow me and/or I don’t follow
  • don’t fit the genres I read

Of course, if your book does fit in the genres I read, and/or I know you, then you have a higher chance of me deciding to read your book. Other bloggers might be the same way, but as far as I know, social media requests are kind of left to the side just because it feels like spam/very impersonal. Which basically leaves you with email.

Emailing a blogger or using their blog’s contact form is most probably the best way to get your foot in the door, however, there are a couple things you need to make sure to do, so your email doesn’t get thrown in the trash bin…..


  • compliment the blogger –> I can’t tell you how great compliments can be for you because book bloggers are usually undervalued and so saying “hey I love your blog, especially [insert post]” will take you a long way
  • include an interesting yet relatively short synopsis of your book
  • state the genre(s) your book falls under –> make sure they all are genres read by the blogger though. If one doesn’t, but 2 others do, then just omit the one that doesn’t


  • just say “hey”, “hey blogger!” or “hey [insert website name]” because the first two feel impersonal and odd, and the third is just downright stupid
  • misspell our name/say someone else’s name –> a request email is basically the same thing as a cover letter for a job so if you misspell our name or say someone else’s name, then you will be immediately marked as someone who doesn’t really care/is unprofessional.
  • be demanding –> I’m sorry but if you tell me I “have” to read this because you asked, or that I would be so lucky to read your book or you basically force-ask me to do something, I will not work with you at all. All three are rude and disrespectful and count as an automatic “no”
  • ask the blogger to buy your book (even on discount) so they can review it for you

And that’s really all when it comes to contacting the blogger! In all honesty, it just comes down to being respectful and professional. If you do both, then you are already halfway through the door.

If you have any questions as to contacting bloggers/things you should(n’t) do, comment on here or contact me; I’d love to hear from you! Also, if you’re a fellow blogger/reviewer and have any stories to share or any helpful tips for authors, feel free to comment them below or email them to me at! I might compile a list of them for the last post in the series! Thanks, hope you have a great day/night and tata for now!!


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