Top Ten+ Problematic Books


**trigger warning**

Hello everyone!! So this is an odd post to write, not gonna lie. I mean this post, as the title says, is about problematic books which means that in some way, shape or form the books on this list include something misrepresentative or wrong or just hm. That’s not the odd part though, the odd part is that some of the books on this list are favorites and it feels weird to call books out especially when they are favorites. Nevertheless, they do have problems and I don’t want people to get hurt by said problems. Before I list the books out though, I should warn you that I will be directly stating some keywords/phrases that explain why the books are problematic as well as I’ll be linking to any reviews or discussions I have on the book’s problematic aspects. I’m not going to go any further than the keywords/phrases & review links as I don’t want this all to be explanation and I don’t want to unintentionally hurt anyone. Therefore, please be mindful in the comments section and feel free to ask me in the comments or on my Twitter to privately discuss anything in depth. Now, onto the list…..

  1. Nevernight – cultural appropriation
  2. The Continent –  white supremacy, ‘savage’ indigenous people trope
  3. And I Darken – misrepresentative of Islam
  4. Scarlett Undercover – misrepresentative of Islam
  5. Carve The Mark – racist, white supremacy
  6. Ender’s Game – includes sexist/discriminatory comments
  7. Cinder/The Lunar Chronicles – homogenizes Asia, racially ambiguous MC, Japanese family ruling Asia (aka imperialism), misuses honorifics
  8. A Court of Thorns and Roses – romanticizes drugging
  9. Paper Towns – manic pixie dream girl trope
  10. The Glittering Court – colonist MC + ‘savage’ indigenous people
  11. Soundless – poor Chinese culture rep, ableist
  12. Rebel of the Sands – misrepresentative of Islam
  13. Anything from Colleen Houck – white savior trope, romanticize rape, cultural appropriation
  14. Eleanor & Park – racist
  15. Storm Dancer – cultural appropriation
  16. Max – normalizes Nazis
  17. Age of X series – appropriation of Islam, rape
  18. The Loose Ends List – offensive to disabled people, Brazilians and more
  19. Throne of Glass series – has minimal POC and the ‘main’ POC is killed off, poor disabled rep, mistreats sexual workers and bisexuals, romanticize abuse
  20. A Thousand Pieces of You – romanticize/explained away rape
  21. The Winner’s Curse – white savior trope
  22. Nemesis – white savior trope, appropriation of Egyptians
  23. Everything, Everything – poor disabled rep/use of disability as plot device
  24. Magonia – poor disabled rep
  25. Roseblood – uses the word ‘G****’ multiple times
  26. Moon Chosen – racist, biracial character uses blackface
  27. The Society – slut shaming

And that’s the list. I’m sure there’s more and that there will be more but for now this is the list. I might update it as I read and hear more but ya, this is the list. Again, the keywords/phrases on the list are very minimalist/basic breakdowns of the problems in the books. Other people have explanations, however, I do not want to unintentionally bring hate or hurt to anyone so I’m leaving it as is unless people specifically ask me to add their reviews/discussions to the list. If you have a comprehensive review or discussion on the problems of the books, you can comment down below. As well, if you want me to explain more to you on any book privately – or link you to someone who’s better suited to answer your questions – feel free to drop a comment or ask me on Twitter. Thank you, I hope you have a great day/night and tata for now!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten+ Problematic Books

  1. To be fair, Green was arguably attempting to critique the mpdg trope in Paper towns. Of course, it’s also arguable whether he succeeded or not, especially as we still have the whole girl as a motivation for male protagonist regardless of how he might have critiqued/subverted other aspects of the trope.

    Nice to see so many of these books called out on their problematic aspects.


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