Top Ten 2017 Resolutions/Goals

2017 resolutions

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post of 2017! Whooooo!!! So, last year, I made a post of my top ten 2016 resolutions and I wanted to continue doing that this year! They’re gonna be a mix of personal goals and business/work goals so, without further ado, here’s my top ten 2017 resolutions/goals! Hope you enjoy:

  1. Workout more: I’ve already started doing yogawithAdrienne (soooo fun!) so hopefully I continue that!
  2. Spend less money: I spent a lot in 2016 on books, sub boxes and booksfortrade so I want to try and stop trading, stop buying sub boxes (or at least just buy one) and buy less books
  3. ….and make more money: I’m hoping by the end of 2017 I’d have made $500 from my combined businesses – Society 6, Red Bubble, custom design shop, Diverse Reads and the blogger organizers
  4. Finish an e-book I’m working on and finish the first draft of my Alice in Wonderland retelling: I hope for this every year but I’m getting closer to finishing so maybe 2017 is the year I actually do finish something related to writing??
  5. Get to 3500 followers on TwitterΒ and 500 followers on Instagram
  6. Connect with more people and build more relationships
  7. …and lessen the amount of time I spend with/thinking about toxic people, faster
  8. Work with more publishers, companies, small businesses and bloggers
  9. Go to more signings or at least go to a convention
  10. Lessen my stress and anxiety while still reaching my goals

And that’s all. Some of the goals are a bit out there but I think they’re all quite doable and I’m excited to see what I do in 2017!Β Now, in addition to please telling me your thoughts on my goals below, what are your resolutions/goals for 2017? It can be personal or blog/business-ish like I did above! I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, advice and comments below! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

10 thoughts on “Top Ten 2017 Resolutions/Goals

  1. I only wrote a list of five resolutions on my blog, but there are a couple more which I want to do (like visiting more blogs more often oops). Good luck for 2017!

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    • Thank you! Yup!! I’ve been working on it for years so I’m hoping I finally finish it! Awww well hopefully you do get to write, even if a little! Thank you!! Good luck to you too!!


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