2016 End of Year Wrap Up and Survey


Hello everyone! So it is December 30th, two days before 2017 begins, but it’s not over yet. Today I’m taking the time to look back at 2016 to see what worked, and what didn’t, make a couple (re)announcements and ask you to fill out my annual end of year survey. In order to be a little more organized, this post will have four major categories: Blogging, Business, Personal and Looking Ahead. I hope you enjoy reading through my journey and I can’t wait to see your survey responses! Thank you!


Follower count: 601
2016 page views: 8,325

Top 3 Posts of 2016:

Social Media Stats:

As well, I’ve been working with Macmillan to review up and coming ARCs and I’ve written a lot more discussion posts. Finally, I began to read more and more books at a much faster rate! On the flip side, I did post a lot less in certain months, mostly due to the stress from uni. Hopefully, this break helps me lower that down a lot more and allows me to plan out posts ahead of time but we shall see!


So 2016 was the year I finally started implementing business into my blog life. I’ve always had an interest in business and have wanted to be an entrepreneur for the longest while. Thankfully, 2016 jumpstarted that dream! Here’s what I did:

  • Finally opened up a geeky art shop on Society 6 in January…..then one month later I opened up another shop of the same nature on Red Bubble
  • Became an Amazon affiliate in May and began implementing it into my blog and Twitter
  • Opened a custom website/graphics design shop for bloggers and small businesses in late May
  • In November I started working on creating a subscription box called ‘Diverse Reads’, to be released early 2017
  • A couple days ago, I finally released four organizational planners in various bundles (read here to understand what I mean) for sale!

And 2017 is for sure going to include much more! I’m already planning on one product idea and another actual business which is ahhhhhh!!! It’s been kind of crazy doing it all – especially looking back on what I have done – but it’s also been really fun and I’m quite proud of myself for accomplishing so much!


So, on a personal level, the latter half of 2016 was quite amazing:

  • I went to my first book signing over spring break and then went to another in September
  • I started eating a lot healthier foods – cutting out bread, fried chicken and french fries – and watching how much dessert I ate.
  • I told my crush I liked him and it didn’t break us; we’re still really good friends.
  • I got closer to a lot of amazing people on and offline
  • I separated myself from quite a few negative/emotionally harmful relationships
  •  I began keeping track of how much TV I watched and cut back down on that a lot, thus allowing me to be more productive and efficient
  • and I found my voice on diversity and being marginalized, and I realized both how marginalized and privileged I was from being a part of so many educational discussions

Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead in 2017, I want to lessen the stress and anxiety I felt when it came to doing a lot of things. For example, I want to grow my blog and maybe get to 9000 page views but I’m not going to get mad at myself if I don’t. The other main goals I want to reach in 2017 are:

  • 3500 followers on Twitter
  • 500 followers on Instagram
  • making $500 from my combined businesses
  • workout more to balance my healthy eating lifestyle
  • connect with more people and build more relationships
  • work with more publishers, companies, small businesses and bloggers
  • go to more signings or at least go to a convention
  • and overall, just lessen my stress and anxiety while still reaching my goals

I’m hopeful for what 2017 will bring and, though there’s a lot going on in the bookish community and in the political world that may be hard to do, I think we all can handle it and we’ll get through it ISA.

I do ask you though, what do you think I can do in 2017 to make reading Avid Reader and connecting with me a lot better? What did you like/dislike in 2016 and what do you want me to change in 2017? As well, if you want to maybe collab with me, definitely let me know as I absolutely love collabs! To help you answer these questions in under 2 minutes, I created this short nifty survey for you and me! If you could please fill it out, I shall love you forever and I promise I shall take any advice/ideas to heart and seriously consider them!

Anyway, thank you guys for a wonderful year! I know there were some ups and downs in the year and that we’re all still figuring life out but there was a lot of good that happened and hopefully 2017 is even awesomer! If you did the survey, thank you even more! If not, thanks anyway for reading at least to this point and being here in the first place! Thank you, have a great day/night and see you in the new year ;)! Tata for now!

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