I’m Getting Old! + Q&A


Hello everyone! So today is August 3rd, 2016 which, for me, means I am now 4 years old! Or at least my blogging life is! Now technically my blog on WordPress is like 2.5 years old or something like that because I actually moved my blog to WordPress in January 2014 however Avid Reader was originally on Weebly and it was started August 3, 2012. So ya, my blogging life/Avid Reader is 4 years old! It’s funny to say that because I’m becoming one of the older blogs in the blogosphere but I feel so young in that I’m learning so much still. For example, last summer, three years into book blogging, was when I found out about ARCs and how I could get them. Ya, I know, INSANITY. It’s all good though because I’m having a ton of fun learning and growing as a blogger, artist, business woman, reader and just a person in general. Anyway, I thought that for this blogoversary, I’d answer some questions sent to me on Twitter! Let’s goooo….

  1. From Michelle – What book that you read this year inspired you a lot?
    • Ooooh well the Grisha trilogy* by Leigh Bardugo is definitely the inspiration for like half the art I’ve created/am creating this year and I only read the series this year (I know I’m late to jump the bandwagon) so Imma say that!
  2. From Haniya – Describe your blogging experience in one word?
    • Amazing!
  3. From Michelle – What is your favourite product you created for your shops so far? 
    • Book HoarderOoooh this is a hard one! Hmmm I think I’m gonna say my “I’m Proud To Be A Book Hoarder” design is my fave, so much so I’m totally buying a pillow of it for myself hahaha. Check out the design here for RedBubble and here for Society6!
  4. From Haniya – What are some tips for newbie bloggers?
    • Oh I have so many but here are a couple:
      2. Make friends & interact with other bloggers!
      3. GET SOCIAL MEDIA – esp Twitter
      4. be yourself & have fun!
    • If you want to check out some more tips, I wrote two posts about them here and here!
  5. From Haniya – What are some blogging design essentials?
    • Ah design and essentials! My two fav things to talk about LOL! Well I’d say some blogging design essentials are:
      1. easy to read font, colors and background!
      2. a simple but interesting header
      3. a search bar and at least one “follow me!” on your blog
    • And those are it for the tips! I know it’s not a lot but I’m creating a course alll about this as well as a post and downloadable graphic about this so don’t worry, more will come soon! Also, if you want more help from me on the design side, I do designs for cheap prices!

Aaaaand that’s all for the questions! That was fun! Now before we go I thought I’d point out that I have a mini survey I hoped you could do so that I and the blog can get even better! Also I wanted to thank a couple of blogger/writer people who’ve made my life – both blogging and personal – so much better! Thank you….

and pretty much the entirety of Twitter! Honestly, I don’t know what I could do without you guys and your love and support and awesomeness! Thank you all soooooo beyond much and love y’all to death! And thank you to YOU who is reading this right now!! I KNOW my blog would be lacking so much without your love and support! Thank youuuu!! Have a great day/night and tata for now!!

*This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

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