DISCUSSION: How To Make Money Online W/ FREE Downloadable!

How To Make Money Online + FREE Downloadable

Hello lovelies!! So yesterday I was thinking of the ways I’m starting to make money as a result of blogging and designing and the other business opportunities I want to get into and remembered how long it took me to get this far. I remembered looking up “how to make money from blogging” a lot over the years and finding so much nothing to be honest. It was nothing that I could do as a young blogger (yes I am young-ish) so when I kinda realized yesterday that I am finally making money, I thought I’d share my ways and (tbh limited) knowledge and hopefully help people make money faster.

Before we start I want to say IT IS OK TO WANT TO MAKE MONEY from blogging/online things (as long as it’s not illegal). There used to be people who would say “other book bloggers do this for free so no one is going to buy from you” but that is SO NOT TRUE. Blogging is a job and like any other job we should be paid and that’s been my mantra lately. Imma make money some way bc I love what I do and I want to do better and that means I need money. So do as you do and do it well and you will get paid.

Understood? Ok let’s do this. The ways I make all the moneys are:

  1. Read-to-Reviews: yes the books you get to review – Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) or otherwise – count as money, not because you can sell them yourself, but because they are books you could buy from the store or that were paid by publishers/authors to send to you. Books do have a monetary value.
  2. Graphic Designs:  I have two online shops for bookish designs and my photography – Red Bubble and Society 6 – as well as a website/graphic design shop for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Since starting the shops in January 2016, I’ve made over $500 and that doesn’t even include the projects I’m currently working on.
  3. Amazon Affiliates: Since May 2016, I started working with Amazon Affiliates and boy has it been fun! It’s such easy money and considering books are a huge part of Amazon (it’s how they started), being an Amazon Affiliate is wonderful! Also, you can get paid in Amazon gift cards which means more books which is a total win in my book LOL

Now that’s it in terms of money I’ve actually made. There’s a ton of other options to make money, some of which I’m  exploring/already part of. Here’s my 5 fave ways:

  1. Affiliates with Book Depository and, I believe, Barnes & Noble
  2. Workbooks/How To Books
  3. Etsy
  4. Subscription Box
  5. Sponsored Posts

Aaaaaand that’s it I think. Those are the different ways I make money and have seen other people make money. If you have any questions on any of these, just comment below or tweet me and I’m happy to answer or direct you to someone who can better answer your question(s). Now tell me, have you thought of making money online? Do you already do so? Have any tips, ideas or tricks? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

**Want a FREE downloadable on the info you just read? Click here!**

updated March 8, 2017

3 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: How To Make Money Online W/ FREE Downloadable!

  1. This was a fantastic post and actually kind of nice to see everything condensed into just bullet points instead of beating around the bush with information. My one question is, with the read-to-review, would that be like you would offer to read people’s books and ARC’s for a price? I read a lot of books for other authors but do it at no charge because of what it is. But are you saying that you would suggest a minimal fee and then eventually it would add up? Or are you talking more about a specific site that you get paid to read books?
    Thanks so much!

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