Spoiler Alert: I Don’t Like Spoilers!

Spoiler Alert: I Don't Like Spoilers

Hello everyone! So, this post idea was thought of today 100% because someone tweeted they didn’t want to see spoilers of Lady Midnight and I was like #same. So I decided to do a post on why it’s so bad AND how to combat those meteoric spoilers without having to live under a rock for forever. Now I may be a little sarcastic or uh dry (IDK how to describe it) in the post but it’s not meant to be mean. Just thought I’d let ya’ll know. Ok let’s begin!

Why Spoilers Are Bad/ You Shouldn’t Post Them

  1. You’ve no idea how small a spoiler is. For example, I got nearly messed up on a book because someone let out something about how a ship would last or something like that. They only said ship. Nothing else. But I flipped-ish and unfollowed the person. Why? Bc that contributes to me knowing the ending before even reading it and I don’t want to know something I didn’t look for myself.
  2. They may not get their book the same time/day as you or be able to read for a while. For example, I pre-ordered Lady Midnight but I got it a day late than the official release date and lots of days past people who got their books early or had ARCs. And to add on, because I move between two places, I’m not even able to try to open the book until tomorrow. So just because you got your book and was able to read it ASAP, please don’t assume everyone else has and then post spoilers.
  3. It’s all find-able. So let’s say you accidentally-ish spill something – something small maybe – on Twitter or Tumblr. And of course, you only realize that you shouldn’t have done that a little later or thought it just was okay. You say “I’ve a small-ish following.” or “No one’s going to see it anyway!” Well, let me tell you a little something about that search tool in the right corner of Twitter and Google. It picks up on everything. Even if it’s small. So if someone searches Lady Midnight, they can still find your tweet, or post etc and get spoiled.

So basically please don’t spoil others. Live tweeting a show I think is moderately okay because it’s on for only a brief period of time and usually people are either watching the show or are doing something else and can’t even see the spoilers and will be watching later. I still say you take note and let people know. For example, take note that I live tweet Shadowhunters when it comes on Tuesdays, 9 pm – 10 pm EST. I didn’t this week because I was super busy (again, killer week) but that’s my usual and only live tweet time. See? I notified you guys! Totally easy! Anyway, let me show you how to hopefully not get spoiled:

  • don’t look up the book/spoilers. I mean it goes without saying but don’t look up the book or spoilers if you don’t want to get spoiled. If you’re looking for something specifically like (fan)art or book outfits (I do that) then add those extra words and hopefully, there will be no spoilers because it’s something that shouldn’t really have anything to do with the content in the book. Well, okay the fanart may have something to do with specific scenes so I say still be careful there but if you like to plan outfits/nails/hair etc around books, I don’t think you should be (majorly) spoiled.
  • clearly tell people you don’t want to be spoiled. People shouldn’t post spoilers but like I previously said, some people may still kinda do it and not realize they’re doing it unless being indirectly poked/prodded with the thought of not being spoilery. See, if you put the idea that you don’t want to be spoiled in someone’s head, it makes that person have to think about what they’re going to post about the book and make sure it’s veryyyyy vague or just not spoilery at all.
  • Mute related words + people you know are getting the book early/have a tendency to spill a little or to livetweet stuff. They may not realize they’re being spoilery until you get spoiled so if they exhibit previous signs of being spoilers (I sound really doctor-ish LOL) then just mute them for a bit. No biggie. You can also do that with words related to the book such as the book/series title (full title and its acronym), author, main characters etc. You can do mute words/people as long as you know it takes them to read a book, or as long as it takes till you’ve read the book or whatever.  After that, unmute and fangirl/fanboy together!

And that’s all. Now, how do you avoid spoilers? Do you go full-on social media hiatus or do you just accept it’ll happen? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


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2 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: I Don’t Like Spoilers!

  1. 1. YES. Even hinting at something can give away the book. So annoying!
    2. As someone who is a semi-professional procrastinator, I usually end up reading the book MONTHS after everyone else. But I have also become a semi-professional spoiler avoider because of that – I somehow managed to avoid Allegiant spoilers even though I read it a year after everyone else did haha!
    3. There’s no reason to justify spoilers!

    I avoid spoilers like the freakin’ plague. I never read reviews of any book until I’ve actually read it, I avoid looking at the book on Goodreads, I unfollow people who post spoilers, and if I even get a sniff of a spoiler I run away! I’ve been pretty lucky. I did get spoiled recently on Mulan 2 (yes it’s been out for years, no I still haven’t seen it but yes I was planning to…eventually…but not anymroe) and it pissed me off so bad! Like even if something has been out for YEARS don’t just assume everyone has read it. I mean, Harry Potter would probably be fine since most everyone knows the story even if they haven’t seen/read it. (I knew Snape was in love with Lily before I ever saw or watched them because “Always” was such a huge quote) BUT STILL. Never assume. Don’t be an asshole. Not too hard!

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  2. I have had TV shows spoiled due to live tweeting. And Tumblr. Tumblr is the worst for spoilers. Do not follow any TV shows there unless you are watching as the episodes are released. As for books, I haven’t had a lot spoiled and I try not to spoil books I’ve read. That’s why I love the spoiler code on GR. I’ve used it, but also kept what I said vague so not to be too spoilery.

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