What The Even Is Happening Anymore?!

Hey guys. So this post isn’t going to be a happy one at all not going to lie. I’m really sad/angry/disappointed at the moment and it’s for two reasons, yet another book blogger, Jaime M, got plagiarized AND a bunch of friends got catfished by an author/fake Penguin employee. Before I get into the latter, let’s talk about the first part….

So I don’t know if many of you have noticed but for some reason, it seems that 2015 was the year of the plagiarism. I don’t want to get into specifics or say names on this but in 2015 many people got plagiarized several times by several different bloggers, some of which were my friends. It’s so disappointing to hear that two of your friends plagiarized some of your other friends several times. I still somewhat talk to these friends but it’s taking a bit for them to regain my trust back, especially one of them. Anyway, everyone thought it was over by the beginning of December I believe and it seemed to be; it was a smooth ride in the blogosphere….until now. I was doing character drawings for my clay characters when I took a break and decided to take a quick glance at Twitter. The first thing I saw? Jamie saying…

“Oh lawd. In 5 1/2 yrs of blogging I’ve never been plagiarized that I know of (I don’t ever look) but always a first!”

How sad is that? To have yet another blogger, especially one as popular and well known as Jamie (I love her…#bloggergoals so much), be plagiarized is so stupid and annoying and disappointing. With this, I don’t know who did it as Jamie’s wanted to keep it secret but seriously, yet another plagiarized post? Have people not learned it’s wrong? Or that bloggers stick together and we’re not going to like you or follow you any more. I’m so sad and mad for Jamie. Jamie, if you’re reading this, know that I stand with you and if you need any help or want to talk, I am here for you.

Update: the plagiarizer took down her faked review and everything is relatively good on Jaimie’s end thank goodness.

Now, to the next sad and scariest thing to happen today in my entire blogging career (and why I want to be more or less anonymous online)….

After I saw Jamie’s tweet, the next thing I saw was one what happened to friend Jon Gold and even more bloggers/friends. You can read Jon’s whole post here but essentially what happened was that one author catfished a bunch of bloggers, saying she was a Penguin employee, even going so far as to (secretly and very illegally) buying ARCs to send and sending other books to some bloggers, including Jon. Honestly, read Jon’s post, because you won’t feel the magnitude of the situation till you read the emails and see what happened; I read the post once and I’m still very scared and very angry. Why am I scared? I didn’t get catfished (thank goodness) but I could have easily done so had I gotten the email. I am relatively young in the ARCs world, having only figured out about them this last summer and I’m very excited when I get an email about blog tours and ARCs and things like that so I am so very scared. I’m scared for friends who gave away their addresses, places where their young children live or where they’re just teens. It’s sad. The only good thing to come out of this? The fact that people know. It’s scary to know but it’s also very good because I definitely am going to be much more careful when I get emails about ARCs even if their from highly respected publishers. I’m hoping some legal action will be taken because the entire affair is so illegal but I’m not sure. Here’s to hoping though.

Anyway, with all this happening, it’s a bit hard to find the good but just remember that in both situations, you’ve got a community behind you. You’ve got me and hundreds of others who understand and will stand with you through the thick and thin. If you or a friend have gotten plagiarized or catfished, then just know that I’m here for you. I’ve got your back and if you want someone to talk to, my DM is open. I’m so sorry for everything that happened and hope everyone gets the justice they deserve. Thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now.


8 thoughts on “What The Even Is Happening Anymore?!

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  2. Plagiarism is a rather old sin that has probably been around since long before hieroglyphs. In the age of the Internet it has become much more prevalent because it is a) much easier to perpetrate and b) far too many people don’t realize that it is actually wrong. Part of this has to do with the implementation of technology in classrooms, where students often copy images and text with abandon from sources on the Internet and use them to assemble projects, often without proper attribution. The ease with which one can boilerplate text from an article on the Internet and make it part of one’s own creation makes plagiarism far too tempting for many – especially if they’re unaware that it is a violation of another’s rights and property.

    Unfortunately, the notion of the sanctity of intellectually property is obscured by the many activities in which large numbers of individuals regularly and freely engage on the Internet, be it the illegal downloading/streaming of movies, TV shows, and music, or the piracy of books from legally obtained ARCs. In the case of the latter, for example, I have found my own recently released novel listed on several torrents (wherein presumably legally acquired digital ARCs are illegally being used as seeds and being leeched by hundreds or even thousands).

    It’s a sad thing that far too many people think that if it’s on the Internet, then it’s free. There’s an irony here, because in most cases those very same people would be outraged if someone walked into their homes and helped themselves to the contents. That, they would rightly argue, is theft. Similarly, I very much doubt any wouldn’t be outraged if they put in months of hard work on some task in their workplace, only to have someone else take all the credit for it. Yet this is what Internet plagiarists are doing.

    The Internet as it stands today has often been described as akin to the wild west of the American frontier back in the late eighteen hundreds when insufficient regulation and enforcement allowed a degree of lawlessness to reign. At some point, as the Internet becomes even more intimately integrated within, and essential to, our daily lives, we shall have to make the choice of having our freedoms on it somewhat curtailed or risk total anarchy.

    I know there are many who proudly proclaim and support the notion that “information should be free”, but there are limitations to everything in life. We can’t expect people to continue artistic pursuits if the end result is the outright theft of those creations. Eventually this will simply lead to many abandoning the field.

    It’s time a lot of people using the Internet realized that just because you can do it doesn’t me you should. Which is to say, that just because something isn’t tangible in a material sense doesn’t mean that taking it is not a crime; it is as much a theft as stealing candy from the corner store.

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  3. Although the catfishing was ridiculous, unsafe, do you really think she would do anything like sell ppl’s info? :O I thought she was just a psycho teen trying to raise money so she can make it through college.

    also she just removed her little list of places she’s contributed to: Chicken Soup for Teens, & some children’s magazines.
    replaced it with stuff about her


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  4. That is so terrible 😦 I really feel for all the people that has happened to. My posts have sometimes been copied 1:1 and then they wrote: written by impossiblegirl123 (which was my username back then). But they didn’t link to my profile or blog, neither did they ask me if they could do it … so, I wasn’t particularly happy about that either.

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