2015 End of Year Wrap Up and Survey

Hello guys! So it is new Year’s Eve here in the USA and my blog survey failed a couple of days ago (thank you Typeform) so I am doing a joint End of Year post and Blog Survey post! I’ll be telling you some great things that happened with me in the book world and some not so great things. At the end, I would love if you could fill out my little survey (it’ll take you probs 2 mins) and it would be incredibly helpful in making next year even better than this one whether you’ve been here awhile or just got here 10 seconds ago. Thank you!

The Stats:

2014 page views: 5,269
2015 page views: 8,507

Top 3 Posts of 2015:
1) All YA is #MorallyComplicatedYA
2) Why I’m Not So Sure How I Feel That Hermione is POC In Cursed Child
3) Secret Project #2: UNLOCKED

Additions/Changes To The Blog:

Other Stuff That Happened:

  • I worked with three brands – Smartling, Invaluable Collectibles, BookCase Club – and many authors!!!!
  • I am also an administrator and/or editor on three other blogs; The Feministas, YABookishNews and Bookish Babes
  • I got on three and a half street teams; Michelle Madow’s Street Team, The Tsar’s Guard and the Aether and Clanless Clans!!
  • I created a blog planner sample and there’s soooo much more to come (like other blog stuff and art/book things)!
  • I figured out about ARCs (advanced reading copies) and book tours and even got some ARCs and got on several awesome book tours!!
  • I got asked by a (major) publisher (Merit Press) to review some books (with no “help” from me) including one that I’ve been dying to read and, even cooler, I got them hardcover even though some haven’t come out yet! (you’ve no idea how excited I am)

And finally, I made a ton of new friends (I’m looking at you Blog Squad!) and even got closer to some older friends (MICHELLE)! It was overall an absolutely wonderful year and I’m so beyond excited for what’s coming in 2016 with maybe a shop opening, some finished book drafts hopefully and hopefully/maybe a couple new brand partnerships and opportunities! To make it even better though, it would be great if I heard what YOU thought of the blog in 2015! Like, what more or less do you want to see, if you want to collab with me (def tell me if you want to do this as I love collabs!) To help, I created this short nifty survey for you and me! If you could please fill it out, that would be wonderful! Just follow the link here as apparently anything else messes up.

Anyway, thank you guys for a wonderful year! I know there were some ups and downs and that the kinks are still being worked out but hopefully 2016 is the year of even more awesome stuff and more blog content! If you did the survey, thank you even more! If not, thanks anyway for reading at least to this point and being here in the first place! Thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now!

10 thoughts on “2015 End of Year Wrap Up and Survey

  1. I only just found your blog, but it sounds like you had a great blogging year! Congrats on the ARCs and offers from publishers 🙂 That’s definitely exciting! I am kind of curious, however, how you are half on a street team? Lol. Anyway, happy New Year, and I look forward to future posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww yay thank you!! I’m half on a street team as I created the Clanless Clan with a friend as part of a street team (even though it’s not an actual thing) then I got adopted into the Aether Clan so basically I’m on a real clan and a half real clan aka 1.5 street teams hahahaha Happy New Year to you as well and thank you very much!!!


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