Why I’m Not So Sure How I Feel That Hermione is POC In Cursed Child

Hey guys! So the following post is probably going to get a bit of hate. I already know that. Some people have maybe already closed out after reading the headline but hear me out please and just read through to the end before discussing. Thanks.

Let’s start with a bit of backstory. So when I and the entire world heard about the Spiderman re-remake for Marvel, the idea of a POC character came up often even going so far where I, @LadyHawkins (author of the Hex Hall series and Rebel Belle series) and one random guy discussed the possibilities on Twitter in a somewhat long, argumentative form. Anyway, the point of this story is that this discussion happened and it was because of this idea to push POCs into entertainment. Now it’s not bad whatsoever to have POCs – in all honesty I would love some much more representation and diversity in entertainment – but there are times when I feel people would just insert POCs into entertainment for the sake of doing so, because it’s cool or it’s what will make people curious and gain more an audience/money. It sounds bad when I put it that way but I doubt I’m wrong. Also, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have POCs in entertainment because it could be fake but I’m saying that that is a reason and to watch out for that.

Another, more close to home story, is of Lavender Brown. We all know her as Ron’s girlfriend in his 6th year at Hogwarts who is represented as white skinned, with light brown hair and blue eyes but did you know she was POC in the previous films?
Before you make a big fuss as everyone did at the time, it was because Lavender hadn’t truly been described before she became a true, side character in the 6th book. The point of this story is to show a reason why a character’s race may change in films/books: it wasn’t truly described before.

HermionedhfaceBazBam_2015-Dec-20In this case, there has always been speculation about Hermione Granger’s race as I don’t believe JK Rowling ever said anything about it in the books. Side note: I’m looking at the Wiki page for Hermione and under skin colour it says “Light” but I’m not sure if that’s from the books or simply because Emma Watson who wonderfully played Hermione in the movies is light skinned. Either way, thought that should be inserted in. Anyway, so yesterday night the world found out that in The Cursed Child – a play that peeks into the lives of the Golden Trio 19 years later through one of Harry Potter’s sons Albus Severus Potter – Hermione would be played by a POC, Noma Dumezweni. This, of course, stirred the world a great deal and I’m not sure how I feel about this sudden difference. To be clear, I’m not annoyed that a POC is playing Hermione, I’m more annoyed about why they chose to do so, what the reason was to suddenly change a character’s race when it was “confirmed” in all 8 films and not really discussed in the books. This presents continuity errors and just, in general, confusion. I’m not totally sure I’m explaining my position and thoughts on this clearly but I’m not sure what else to say. It’s probably stupid to care about continuity errors but when it’s as big as a race change, I wonder what the reason was for it. To help a bit more, I suggest you look at this guy’s rant on it as I mostly agree with it and think it probs explains a bit more.

All in all, that’s my thoughts on it. I’m not sure where I am on the subject as I’m very happy that there’s a POC playing in entertainment (and that it’s Hermione!) but at the same time, I don’t get why they (meaning the big honchos behind the play) changed the race of Hermione. I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this subject but please, I know this is a big, pretty heavy subject so I ask you to be mindful of others and be careful of what you say. Thanks you guys, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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