Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2015

Top Ten TuesdayHey everyone! So today I am doing my Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2015. I’m really excited to do it especially as I did something similar last year for #BookBlogWriMo and I think it’s awesome to kinda continue the tradition! Anyway, this post is actually going to be ranked in order with 1 being most popular and 10 being less/least popular. Hope you enjoy:

1) Top Ten Harry Potter Questions I Have

2) Top Ten Books My Future Kids Will Read

3) Top Ten Books I Was Wrong About Part 2

4) Languages in Writing: Limitation or Nah?

5) Secret Project #2: UNLOCKED

6) Blogging A Book – Guest Post

7) My (Possibly) Awesome Idea

8) Top Ten Blogging Goals

9) To All Shadowhunters Fans: #Sizzy Has Been Casted

10) Friday Finds: Week 43

And that’s that! I hope you guys enjoyed that…Tell me in the comments below what your fav post(s) was/were and which (if any) were your least fav! I would love to know your thoughts and comments! Thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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