My (Possibly) Awesome Idea

Hello everyone! So as you can tell from the title, I have a possibly awesome idea! I thought of it yesterday while scrolling through Twitter funnily enough. I was just scrolling through, talking to a bunch of people, then I thought of all the highly anticipated releases of the year and then weirdly one word just flashed in my head right after: “calendar”. I don’t know why or how I got from HARs to calendar but it happened and maybe you can guess what my idea is but let me continue. So after that came up, the next thought was “Ooooh what if there was a calendar featuring all the highly anticipated releases of that year?” And that’s how everything started. Of course now my mind is going a mile a minute and I have a ton of ideas for it so let’s get into it all:

  1. Have only one calendar where each month a highly anticipated release (coming out that month) is selected and the cover and synopsis are pictured.
    1. maybe have a giveaway where 12 self publishing/ed authors are selected to have their book featured at the end with it’s release date and cover (I came up with this after thinking of Briana Mae Morgan’s book Blood and Water which is in the works and not really self pubbed but it reminded me of that for some reason)
  2. Have one calendar for each genre-ish: YA, MG, Self Pub, Horror/Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary/Romance, NonFiction (?) and Fantasy/SciFi

Those are my two ideas right now however Michelle from The Writing Hufflepuff also asked me a very good question of whether they would be digital or published (I had to talk to her about this!) so please fill out the poll below:

Also please comment with your thoughts, what idea you like better and other things like that. Also if you’re an author/publisher and are interested in this, comment below or email me at and we can talk! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

15 thoughts on “My (Possibly) Awesome Idea

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