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Hello everyone! So I am kinda sorta late on this thanks to my last extra post, My First Book Haul Is Huge. I wanted to wait to do my book hauls at the same time but then everything just started snowballing so now, merely two months later after I received the box, this post exists. It’s all thanks to BookCase Club who kindly, awesomely, allowed me to receive a free box for review. They’re pretty awesome not just for that but for something else they do, which is actually the main reason I contacted them; for every new member/subscription in their club, they donate a book to a charity. It’s pretty awesome because books are so incredibly important and to donate a book to a charity per new customer….well that’s a lot of books donated. So I am incredibly happy and proud I could “work” with them. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s my first unboxing review:

20150913_085347 (2)
So I got the YA box (for obvious reasons) and was incredibly excited to find out what came in it and it did not disappoint. What I got was:

  • a note about the box…written in sparkly gold pen which I absolutely adore
  • a small purple notebook and
  • two books: Stained* by Cheryl Rainfield and The Testing* by Joelle Charbonneau, and both are hardbacks.

Here are my thoughts on the contents:

  • the note was very nice to get (definitely keeping it as a souvenir) and the sparkly gold writing was such a wonderful touch. I have a weakness for sparkly pens so thank you for that wonderful surprise BookCase!
  • the notebook was kind of plain and small but it fit the color theme of the box nicely and it’s another notebook I can use so I’m not really complaining
  • the books were a surprise as they weren’t really new books as I expected, however, I’ve been wanting to read The Testing for a while now so that’s a plus. I didn’t know about Stained but after I read the synopsis I’m realllly interested in reading it, more so than the Testing actually. The fact that both books are hardbacks is pretty great because I just love love love hardbacks!

So that’s really my review….the box itself merely had the BookCase Club logo on the side so there was no need to photograph the box really. I haven’t thrown it out though, in fact, it is currently holding all the swag I’ve thankfully gotten so it’s been pretty useful!

Anyway, thank you to BookCase Club for being the awesome people you are and donating books and sending a free box for me to review. You are so amazing thank you again!

For everyone else, I suggest you try the box at least; it’s only $9.99 which is incredibly cheap compared to the prices of other boxes. Plus even if you try it and don’t think you want to continue, at least you helped in donating a book to a charity and that’s pretty awesome. If you want to find out more about BookCase Club, check out their website here! I encourage you to look around the website and try at least one box.

Thanks everyone, have a great day/night and tata for now!

*This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

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