What’s Going On Now?

Hi guys! So this post is going to deal with three things: Writing Wednesday, Friday Finds and reviews….just wanted to let you know. Thus the list of announcements/changes/updates begin:

  1. So maybe you’ve noticed for the last few weeks, but I haven’t done Writing Wednesdays in quite a bit. At first it was because I accidentally missed it. Then the next week was a loss of motivation then I realized that I might as well stop it and let me tell you why. I’m stopping WWs because I am losing motivation/time/ideas to do it and because it’s not very popular on here anyway. Thus I decided to cut ties to it since it doesn’t really work for any of us. Maybe in the future I’ll bring it back but for now it won’t be a regular post on the blog anymore.
  2. As for Friday Finds, don’t worry that will most definitely continue! All your support means alot and it’s tons of fun (even though it’s the longest post to prepare for) so I will of course continue it! No, this announcement is about how this week, there will be no Friday Finds due to personal reasons (don’t worry, nothing bad!). Instead, this week’s news will be combined with next week’s for an epic Friday Finds: Week 48/49 post. Just thought to let you guys know ahead of time.
  3. Now 10 Second Reviews has been gone for quite a bit but it will hopefully make a comeback in September. I know I said it would by August but then my life turned insanely crazy and plans changed so hopefully it will be back soon! But this announcement isn’t totally about 10SR. No, this announcement is about how *actual* book and movie reviews are back!! Yes, for the next coming weeks, starting this Friday, there will be a review avalanche of 5 book reviews and then, a little later, a massive/epic movie review post that spans movies I’ve seen withing the last 6 months…yes I said months (I’m bad!). So hopefully that will be fun!

So that’s pretty much it! I hope you guys enjoy and understand the announcements/changes/updates! Thank you guys for the support and the love! Keep it up because it truly means a lot and is the very reason I still have the blog so thank you so much! Have a great day/night and tata for now!


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