Flight and Wasteland by Lindsay Leggett – Review

flight and wasteland review

Hello everyone! So a couple of weeks ago, I was approached to read two books in a series, Flight and Wasteland (book 2), by Lindsay Leggett and here is my review of them (finally!). I hope you enjoy!

Ok so first let me start off by saying I accidentally read the books backwards, meaning I read book 2 first. I don’t know how I did it but it happened and it messed things up for me. Now it messed things up in thought processes mainly because I had actually read through all book 2 and a bit of book 1 before realizing I read them backwards so before that realization I was entirely confused as to how the books fit together. In all honesty, I thought that they could be two versions/parallel universes of the same idea so I was extremely confused as to where the sequel part came in. This soon led to me figuring out that I had read them backwards and that’s why I was so confused. The one thing it didn’t really mess up though, which was surprising, was spoilers for me. I didn’t feel that the end was spoiled for me, I just kept the end in the back of my head and didn’t think of it while I read. Either way, due to this mix up, this review is going to be a summary of my thoughts rather than a book breakdown of my thoughts like I’ve done with other reviews. Before I get into all that though, here are the premises of the books:

“Flight” – “The first rule of survival in the Underground: When you’re outside, keep your eyes on the skies. Ace Harpy Hunter Piper Madden is used to danger, but the death of her brother slams the brakes on her high-torque lifestyle and leaves her broken and confused. On the run from the dictating Elder Corporation, she’s eventually found in the quiet underground city of Ichton and asked to work for the Corp on contract to quell a new and frightening Harpy threat. Enter the discovery of horrifying Corporation secrets, Harpy attacks, and a new friendship with the strange Asher, and Piper’s days become anything but boring. Then, a chance encounter leaves Piper privy to a dangerous secret, and as she and Asher team up in an effort to unravel the truth, the secrets they uncover beneath the ancient walls of the dead city will spark their world into a grand-scale war.”

“Wasteland” – “Trapped in a cell and experimented on, Piper Madden’s only hope is remembering Asher. Then, Elder Corp President Rupert Elder gives her new orders: to be a leader in a war against the Harpies. Without a choice, Piper must obey Rupert’s commands or suffer from paralyzing and painful Nanomachines. But the war is just beginning, and Asher has gone missing. The resistance is slowly building, and the upcoming war will be larger and bloodier than anything seen since the Devastation that ruined the earth. Throughout all of this, Piper remembers the time before she ran to Ichton, when David was alive and her hope in Elder Corp was still strong.”

Now for the summary review

So I read these books mostly when I was out of my house and doing things so I was constantly interrupted by everything but anytime I was free, I went straight to read the books because they are pretty good! I was constantly engaged in the book with the characters and the plot and so every time I had to put the book down – well, close down my iPod – I was always sad to go because it was that good! One of my favorite parts of the books is the fantasy aspect of the characters and how the main character Piper is pretty much an assassin. I thought that was a pretty interesting combination for me because I love fantasy and crime/mystery. I also loved the flashbacks in the second book to different events in Piper’s life that we sometimes didn’t see in the first book. Thus I didn’t feel like I was (entirely) rereading scenes or anything and getting bored with the same things happening. Same thing happened with the characters, even though I knew where they were headed due to reading the second book first, I enjoyed seeing the journey the characters took and seeing how they became the way they were in the second book.

All in all, I really enjoyed the books and definitely encourage everyone to read them! I’m not sure what to compare to them book wise, but they’re pretty good so just read them. I know you’ll love it 🙂 Oh, and try not to read the books in reverse order hahaha ;). Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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