Languages in Writing: Limitation or Nah?

Hello everyone! So this topic is something that comes up in my head quite a bit especially being multicultural and being a blogger within a world full of many others who are multilingual. Therefore I thought I should put my thoughts to paper (or rather internet!) and start a discussion about this admittedly interesting topic. Anyway, here goes! Let me know what you think!

How Language Affects Writing Novels

Okay, so many of you know I am currently writing a novel (it’s a twist on Alice in Wonderland) and during that time one of the things I’ve had to think about while writing is what the language for the names of the characters and places should be. Now ultimately I’ve always known the characters will be speaking English but, after much thinking and research, I decided that the (actual) names of the characters should be Celtic based. Why, you ask? Well here’s the thing, two of my characters actually have names linked to one of their powers and, since I loved the Celtic versions of the meanings of their powers, I was hooked. After further research I found something that suggested that Lewis Carroll (actually Charles Dodgson) had ties to Ireland which has ties to the Celtic language so, long story short, I got my characters’ names from the Celtic language.

Now my story (quite literally) is only one of many where language effects a novel. Another time language is important in a novel is when an author creates a new language in their book. To do this, many take hints and nudges from other languages to help guide them with word structures, sounds and meanings. It’s quite interesting to be honest.

So, Limitation or Nah? Nah.

How Language Affects Blogging

Another thing language affects is blogging. It can be either a limitation or it can be helpful; it all depends on the language used to write the posts. For example, I can speak a couple of languages but my main language is English so all of my posts are written in English. Due to the amount of people who speak/read English, it’s easier for me to gain followers and attract people to the blog. For others who maybe don’t know English or who may not write their blogs in English, the amount of people who can read and enjoy their blog goes significantly down. For example, there are many fellow book bloggers I’ve seen that are Dutch but, without a translator, I can’t read their blog. This means that one less person was able to follow their blog and enjoy it. For this reason, there are two main things that people (can) do: don’t write in their native language and write in English or get their website translated by someone else for them.

The former idea is something many people do and most of the time those people do it amazingly. Funnily enough, it always surprises me to find someone who writes so well in English and I’ve felt like I’ve known forever tell me they’re living in India or China or who knows and they’re native language is not English. And then I’m sitting there with my mind blown because, not going to lie, they sometimes write better than I do hahaha!

For those who maybe don’t know English or who are not that great in it and/or still want to write in their native language, the latter idea of getting their website translated is very helpful for them because they get the best of both worlds. To be honest I don’t know that many websites to help as I don’t (need to) do this but a website I have seen floating around who can do this is called Smartling. Apparently they can translate websites into English and so many other languages so if you like the option of website translation, you could start there.

So, Limitation or Nah? Both.

And that’s all folks! What did you guys think? Was this helpful and/or enjoyable? Was it interesting? Let me know what you think in the comments below; I want to hear them! Thank you! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

19 thoughts on “Languages in Writing: Limitation or Nah?

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  3. I wonder if smartling would be able to decipher my daughter’s texts to me. She was born in and brought up to speak English but I can’t understand a word, eg, “Afaik yasw” ????????
    And to think I found innit annoying. If it’s something rude don’t tell me.

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