6 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers, Authors, and Other People

  1. I’d like to cover racial diversity in YA and it’s development over the last year. This is important to me because I adopted a sibling group of African Americans and have come to realize just how NOT diverse books, movies, TV, etc. are. Thanks for inviting me!

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    • Awesome! That sounds like a great topic and what you did, adopting the sibling group, is incredibly sweet as well! I’ll be emailing everyone soon with more details so stay on the lookout for that!


  2. I’d Love to be considered, I’m Emma Miller, I blog at agingerblondie.blogspot.co.uk and I was thinking that I could do a guest post about the pros of cons of blogging whilst in full time education! My email is agingerblondie@outlook.com if you fancy getting in touch and like my idea! I’d love to guest blog and hope to hear from you soon!

    Emma Miller! X

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    • Hello!! Thanks for your fast reply first off and second you can definitely do that! The idea sounds wonderful! I can email you about more details later but so far, the idea seems fantastic! 🙂 Thanks again!


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