Clary Has Been Cast and It May Surprise You

Hola amigos! So this past Friday, us Mundane Shadowhunters met two new cast members: Alberto Rosende for Simon Lewis and Emeraude Toubia for Isabelle Lightwood. And then the entire fandom freaked out, I freaked out and #WhoIsClary started up…Now yesterday or Monday, we got a freak tweet that said that we’d find out that day who Clary was but then I guess something happened and it turns out it was probs meant for today. In either case, we finally know #WhoIsClary and she is…..drumroll please….Katherine McNamara!!! Check her out below!

Eeeh! Okay now to tell you what she played in and my thoughts on her….

What She Played In:

So the moment I saw Kat I knew I had recognized her but I had no idea from what; everyone has said she was in Happyland, New Years Eve and was going to be in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials but I had never watched those shows/movies (and The Scorch Trials hasn’t even come out yet) so I knew it was something else. I looked on IMDB and figured it out quickly: she was in a couple of Disney Shows (Kickin’ It and Jessie) and a Disney Movie (Girl Vs Monster)….Yes I watch Disney, their shows are nice! Anwyay back to the point: so I finally figured out what she played in (which wasn’t Teen Wolf like I thought) and can now tell you my actual thoughts about her casting.

Thoughts on Kat’s Casting:

So when I first saw her, I was really surprised but only because I first thought she was too pretty. Of course, the picture posted was like a model shot so it was hard to think of her as Clary: an artist and someone who was more normal than “popular girl” but then I looked at her more and could see it a bit better. I saw her even more as Clary when I saw the fan art of her as Clary with the red hair and green eyes and in Shadowhunter gear. Then I realized she was going to be great. It’s definitely going to take a bit of time for me to get used to her and the rest of the cast (except for Alberto, he’s Simon all the way) but I think it’ll be a bit harder to get used to Kat only because I really was unsure out of the prospects as to who I wanted Clary to be. In all honesty though, I’m happy Kat is Clary; from what I’ve seen of her and what I’ve heard, she is a fantastic actress and will make an awesome Clary! Plus Cassandra Clare said she had great chemistry with Alberto (aka Simon) which is a very high compliment so I can definitely see her being good for the show.

Anyway, as you guys know, I am EXTREMELY excited for the Shadowhunters TV show and cannot wait for it to come out! As well, apparently there is a Series of Unfortunate Events series in the works too?? If you know anything about this, comment below or let me know in some way, shape or form; I’m very curious and I also want to be Violet so…. So that’s all, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoyed getting surprised about Series of Unfortunate Events!  Thanks, have a great day/night everyone and tata for now!

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