To All Shadowhunters Fans: #Sizzy Has Been Casted

Hello everyone! So last week we (aka TMI fans) found out who would be Jace in Shadowhunters TV (his name is Dominic Sherwood!) but this week (actually yesterday!) we found out about TWO characters: Simon and Isabelle!!! (SIZZY!) They both seem to be pretty awesome and they mostly look like how I’d imagine them to look like but I’ll let you see for yourself first. So…..drumroll please….Simon is Alberto Rosende and Isabelle is…Emeraude Toubia!Ahhh! Below is how they look!

Ahhhh! We have #Sizzy! I’m so so so excited about this casting for several reasons which will be listed in two seconds…..

Thoughts on Alberto:

How cute does he look?! He looks so much like Simon it’s unbelievable! (You should see him with glasses….he looks like Simon so much more with them). Anyway, you guys know that in my dream cast, Robert Sheehan was to stay and be Simon but I always thought he looked too attractive and less geeky to be Simon. I still love him though (Robert meaning) and Alberto is no less cute but Alberto is more subtly attractive which is what I thought Simon should be.

I think it’s interesting about the POC idea that he’s Latino/Hispanic as many people love it because it’s being diverse to have him on cast and I love it too but I’m kinda taking it in stride and not totally thinking about it because I more care about who looks and acts better for the part. Of course, others may disagree in some sense but just remember, I’m not discounting the awesomeness of having a POC I’m just saying more of the focus should be on how well of an actor he is and how good of a fit he is to be Simon (which I think is 100%).

Thoughts on Emeraude:

I’ll admit that the first time I saw her, I was surprised and shocked at the fact that she was POC only because I always imagined her to be white. Let me explain before everyone gets into a tizzy: yes, Cassandra Clare said she never specifically wrote Izzy as white however you are going to have to admit that having a white actress (which is def. not a bad thing) will imprint onto fans’ minds the fact that Izzy is white. That’s why I was surprised. It just felt weird TBH; I’m not being disrespectful at all.

Now, the more I look at her, the more it feels more and more right. She looks beautiful and she has the brown hair and eyes and so she seems/feels very Isabelle Lightwood. From her thanks video, it also seems she’s pretty nice and everything so that’s awesome too.

I just can’t wait to see Sizzy on-screen because, first, it’s Sizzy and they’re my ultimate OTP (one true pairing) and two, so I can truly see the actors’ chemistry and actions. It seems like they will both be pretty awesome and, with the amazing actors and actress being cast, I can only anticipate to see more amazing actors and actresses. I mean Dominic looks like Jace, Alberto looks Simon and Emeraude is like Isabelle so I really can’t wait to see everybody else.

That’s really all to be honest, I hope you enjoyed that (quite huge) tidbit of news for today! I’m so excited about/because of this news! Thanks, have a great day/night everyone and tata for now!

15 thoughts on “To All Shadowhunters Fans: #Sizzy Has Been Casted

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  2. I immediately thought Emeraude was perfect, but I wasn’t sure about Alberto until I saw him with glasses. Then I just went ‘SIMON’ 😀 So excited! Since we had an announcement last week and one this week, I’m kind of expecting another one this coming week haha!

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