Hello everybody! So you know how this last month or so we Shadowhunter fans have been getting so much news lately and, at least to me, it’s mostly been kind of disappointing/bad? Well, we just got more (news) but this post is different because this is the post we’ve all been waiting for, fan or not.

Okay so let’s start off with the fact that Cassandra Clare has said that she has gone to talk to, according to Fandom.net, the “show runners in Los Angeles” and she got a lot of information, some of which she shared on Twitter. Here’s some of what Cassandra said via Twitter:

“..the scripts etc that have been floating around are not real, there’s no Natalie either…The show is not yet cast (but) they are having auditions now. (She hasn’t) read a final script…as much as final scripts even exist” and then the article said that it’s also “confirmed that the characters will definitely be aged up” by around 2 years.

Now here are my reactions to the news in the order given:

To the “scripts aren’t real” news –

Happy Reaction Gif Contrary to popular belief

To the “no Natalie” news –

Excited Reaction Face Mod reaction on see forum fill

To the “no cast but there are auditions” news –

Happy Reaction Face Cosby face

To the “characters are aged up” news –

Reaction Gif When you find out bill cosbys

And that’s all. YAY! It’s funny because lately I’ve been feeling pretty disappointed with the news and therefore feeling like my reactions are just so negative but this one is pretty good. This post is pretty good so yay 🙂 Anyway, tell me what you think below on the news we just got; do you feel the same as I? Are you happy, sad or are you in between? Let me know below in the comments, I (would) love to hear your thoughts/feelings!

4 thoughts on “WE (FINALLY) HAVE ANSWERS!

  1. I’m so happy about Natalie and the scripts! I mean, slightly less so about the aging of characters, but…it’s an improvement on the previous news? I do hope that the TV show does better than the movie. I’ve been feeling a little disappointed lately but hopefully this is a turn towards the better. 🙂

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