What To Say To #JaceIsNotARapist

**Hello everyone. So with all my reaction posts to TMI Source updates on #ShadowhunterTV News, I’m making Saturdays, Shadowhunter Saturday and sharing my reactions then because I just can’t stop reacting and telling you guys. So yay for you 🙂 Anyway back to the purpose of this post: the latest news on the Shadowhunters TV Series. Okay, so on Thursday (which is I guess TMI Source’s Shadowhunter Saturday), I found TMI Source’s latest post on the TV updates and here were a couple of things said:

“- An early scene see’s Simon and Clary at Java Jones. They’re watching the news about a ‘Demonic Killer’ who has killed 7 people.

– Natalie carries Yeti in her backpack. She’s described as a bit possessive and bohemian beautiful.

– Jace has a creep moment where he inscribes a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out.

– Steles are retained from the books.

– Seraph Blades are retained from the books.”

Let’s start with the easiest part to talk about: Natalie. If you’ve read my last posts on all the recent developments on #ShadowhuntersTV, then you understand my feelings towards the new character: very very wary and quite just, ugh I don’t know the word for it, but I just know that this is the reason this show will fall down. The novels start with Simon and Clary’s insane friendship and a love triangle between Simon and Clary then moves on to jealousy on Simon’s part then moves on to Simon choosing between Maia and Izzy and then Sizzy happens and continues through everything pretty much. If the show introduces Natalie, the relationships between characters fall down and that is/was the foundation for the books. Therefore, I’m very very very wary of this and, as much as I will watch the show, I know it’s not going to be what I or any other fan wanted. But let’s move on to the description of her: “Natalie carries Yeti in her backpack. She’s described as a bit possessive and bohemian beautiful.” Ok, what? First off, what is a “Yeti”? How do you carry a Yeti in your backpack. Two, she’s possessive (and beautiful, but that’s fine). POSSESSIVE. What? Again, messes up the entire relationship between CLARY AND SIMON! And also totally misses the point of when Simon said to Clary (and this is paraphrasing because I can’t remember the quote nor where it is): “Any girlfriend of mine will have to be okay/fine with you being my best friend.” It’s something like that. If Natalie is possessive, then that closeness between Simon and Clary diminishes or goes away and that is very wrong! Ugh!

Okay next on the list is the first one: “An early scene see’s Simon and Clary at Java Jones. They’re watching the news about a ‘Demonic Killer’ who has killed 7 people.” This one may not have any real effects on the story so I think it’s okay but I don’t really understand how they’re defining a “Demonic Killer” which could do something to the story. Not sure.

Now the last two: “Steles are retained from the books” and “Seraph Blades are retained from the books.” Okay, this is a good thing. For some reason, when I first looked at this, I thought retained met they were kicking them out and I got angry, but I looked it up and realized I had totally messed up the meaning of the word retained as it meant they were keeping these in. If they didn’t, that would have been pretty bad because those weapons/tools add to the persona/character/personality of a Shadowhunter so taking them out would be really, extremely weird and diminish that old time feel of not having tech and that interest of cool tools.

Now for the last thing to talk about: “Jace has a creep moment where he inscribes a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out.” WHAT? What is this description? Who’s releasing/writing these descriptions? Because whoever it is, really needs to stop and think about how wrong this sentence is. “Jace has a creep moment….while (Clary’s) passed out.” Who does that? One, as described by TMI Source on their reaction post, Jace is not a creeper/rapey person. Here’s what TMI Source said on it which sums up my feeling all the way:

““Jace has a creep moment.” Wow that’s just fantastic. Because nothing says sexy leading man like a rapist. Because “inscribes a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out” isn’t just a creep moment, it’s rapey. 

This better be a rumor. A horrible rumor. Because Jace is not a rapist. There’s no way that anyone would condone something as inappropriate and rapey as what Jace is said to do to Clary. I can’t say this enough, but this better be a rumor because it’s just all kinds of wrong.

Do those in charge need a reminder of what kind of character Jace is? He’s charming, handsome, vulnerable, caring and funny. He uses that humor to deflect and make us care about him. It’s that multi-faceted and humorous personality of Jace’s that made us fall in love with him. It’s the personality that was missing in the film. Jace isn’t Jace without that humor. And this rapey Jace certainly isn’t Jace.”

Now the idea of Jace being like this as well as adding Natalie in makes me wonder, who is the person running this who thinks these stuff are okay? I love ABC Family and love their shows, and I understand some things need to be tweaked, but you just CAN’T mess up a character this bad (or even write a scene like that in) and then also add in a character that will definitely change pretty much everything. What is the reason for these changes? Why was Natalie added in? Why did anyone think it was okay that a creeper moment should be added in? WHY?

I’m hoping that this show will turn out right and that the people running the show understand the magnitude of their choices. *Sigh* Anyway, definitely let me know your thoughts and comments below: What do you think of all these updates? Do they change your opinion on whether or not you want to watch the show now? I definitely want to hear others’ thoughts on this one. Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now.

**Update: For everyone on Twitter who was confused, I accidentally scheduled the post for tomorrow but wrote the link on Twitter. Sorry for the confusion!!**


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