Top Ten Worst Moments In A Reader’s Life

Hey everyone! How are all a y’all? I’m fantastic (contrary to the mood the title sets…). So last week, the top ten post was the Top Ten Best Moments In A Reader’s Life and quite a bit of you guys liked it (keep liking it up guys!). Unfortunately, there are two sides to the coin and so this week is about those bad moments or things that you may experience as a reader. Don’t discourage yourselves from reading though! All I’m saying is I feel ya. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the post and can relate. Here we go:

  1. That moment when your TBR list is too long and you have no idea where to start….(**hey, should I just re-read Harry Potter again then?**) 
  2. When a book you so desperately want hasn’t been released yet (*cries*)
  3. When that book is also not coming out for a really long time (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT THAT LONG?! What am I supposed to do in life till then?)
  4. When a book that just came out (that you’re desperately waiting for) isn’t in the library! (Oh roar 😦 )
  5. When that same book is maybe in the library but you are the 100th person in line and there’s only like 4 books…(I’m going to be 50 by the time I read this book!)
  6. When you loan a book to a friend and they return with pages ripped and/or new stains from some unmentionable substance.. (uhh what’s this? *shrugs* Idk)
  7. When you loan a book to a friend and they don’t ever give it back (uhh. I’ll bring it tomorrow… Seriously?!)
  8. When there seems to be no book left to read (Why??!!!) 
  9. When you meet a fellow reader but they don’t like the same books as you (what’s the point then of being friends?!!) 
  10. When you have no friends to talk to about books (I’m so lonely, oh so lonely…)

So that’s it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Now, I have a couple of questions for you: are these true? Can you relate to these? Do you have any other “worst moments” as a reader? Let me know in the comments below! I really want to know your thoughts and ideas! Also, don’t forget to check out Avid Reader’s newest feature 10 Second Reviews! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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