Guest Blogging (Week) is done, Why, What’s Next and Winter is…

Hello everyone! So Guest Blogging (Week) is done due to one reason that stem from several things; we are out of bloggers’ guest posts. Now this is due to some pulling out for with a legit reason, and for people who just didn’t tell me they weren’t going to do it or they didn’t send it to me and expected me to somehow know they weren’t part of the event any more. So I’m doing another Guest Blogging Week even sooner than three months due to the lack of posts – though the people who did do it, did it very well and I thank them from the bottom of my heart – during Winter Break.  Now what’s happening is that by next Friday, you guys can contact me and tell me you want to do it and initial idea. Then, by Dec 23, you will send me your post via a Google Drive Doc I’ve created for everyone. Just a reminder, when you contact me, include your name, email, and initial idea. That’s all. Now to “Winter is….”. So yesterday, I totally had writer’s block and couldn’t think of anything until really late last night, therefore I’m doing Writing Wednesday now. Sorry! Now, if you notice a theme with something else I’ve written, tell me below and you’ll get a shout out on Twitter (also let me know your twitter if you have one). Enjoy!

Winter is

The first snow falling,

The crunch of the snow beneath your feet as you walk,

The breath you can see as you stand outside,

The snowball fights you have with your friends and family,

The warm hot chocolate to tide you over between snowball fights,

The smiles on almost everyone’s faces,

The Christmas music playing on the radio,

The Christmas movies and shows,

The countdown before the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve,

The ball dropping on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes twelve,

The crisp, cold weather that hits you when you first step outside

and causes your nose to run and your cheeks to go




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