Write Haiku – Guest Post

Kay guest blogging week

I was all set to

Craft an amazing post all

About how writing


Is my passion, my

Fav’rite creative outlet.

It was gonna be


A masterpiece, all

About how my brain forges

New connections while


Engaged in forming

New worlds, new characters, new

Societies.  But


Then I awoke to

A sick little boy, and now

My brain is shot.  I’ve


Got nothing, except

For this rather long haiku

About having lost


My ability

To write a coherent blog

Post.  On the bright side,


It appears I’ve not

Lost my ability to

Write bad poetry. 🙂


KAY As a girl, Kay dreamed of being swept off her feet by her one true love.  At the age of 24, it finally happened…and he’s never let her forget it.  A mild-mannered secretary by day and a determined word-wrangler by night, she battles the twin evils of distraction and procrastination in order to write fantastical tales of wuv…twue wuv…with a few bad haiku thrown in for good measure.

She is currently hard at work on the first book in a fantasy trilogy.  Kay resides in the midst of an Iowa corn field with her devoted husband and his mighty red pen; four crazy, cute kids; and an assortment of adorably small, furry animals.

Care to save her from the chaos?  You can find Kay in the all the usual places:

At her blog, where she shares random pictures and silly poems; on Facebook, where she shares things about cats and books; on Twitter, where she shares whatever pops into her head; on Pinterest, where she shares delicious recipes and images from her fantasy world; on Instagram, where she shares pictures of pretty sunsets; and on Tumblr, where she shares all of the above.

You can also find her poetry collections on Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

Tell us what you think!

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