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bookblogwrimo banner Hello everyone! So today is day eight of Book Bumbling’s #BookBlogWriMo. If you want to find out what  that is/take part in it with moi, then just click here. It is really fun and really interesting. Now the  prompt for today is to “share some of the best tools in your blogging arsenal”. I’m not totally sure if I  give resources or share advice so, since I already give out blogger resources in my weekly feature  Friday Finds, I am just going to give my top five blogger advice:

1) Blog regularly. Maybe not every day but at least 3 times a week is great. I blog at least three times a week with my weekly features and so far so good. (I really hope I didn’t just jinx myself).

2) Don’t reblog everything. I used to do that and soon it started getting in the way of my actual self – produced content and that’s why I do Friday Finds now.

3) Open up comments to everyone but set it to you have to approve them. There are people in the world who will spam with lots of nothing and there are people who are really nice who fall under the spam category, so monitoring the comments yourself will take that away. Besides, I love seeing what new comments I have.

4) Take part of events and challenges. Get yourself out there. I gained so many new awesome followers within a month because I took part in WordPress’ challenges (they are both educational and fun) and I have so much fun doing Guest Blogger Week and #BookBlogWriMo.

5) Last one: Be yourself. Seriously. People notice those who do things their way and have fun doing it. Don’t totally alienate other people’s ideas though because their way may coincide with your way and the result can be totally awesome or you can learn that their way wasn’t so great but you built off of  that and made it totally awesome. Either way, just keep on swimming 🙂 

Well, that’s it for today. That was really fun. Maybe some other time I’ll add on more blogger advice because that was  awesome. What did you guys think? Do guys agree or disagree with the advice? What is one piece of advice you  would give  other bloggers? Let me know your thoughts and answers down below in the comments because I love reading  them! One last quick thing: all GUEST BLOGGERS need to give me their guest blogger posts TODAY! Thank you!  Come back tomorrow for more questions and longer answers, have a great day/night and tata for now!


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