The Surprise Post – A Double Divergent Double Post

Avid Reader

Bonjour mis amigos! How are you guys? So today’s post is a pretty special post because it’s a movie post and not just any movie post but a movie post with two bloggers’ viewpoints. Yup that’s right, Fantasy Angel (that’s me) has teamed up with an awesome blogger to give you an awesome post and guess who the awesome blogger is? Amy J from [Now A Word Or Two]. Awesomeness!! We came together when LBSquared first came together and Amy thought a guest post by her could be she reviews a book turned movie. I thought that was awesome (esp. when she suggested Divergent because I felt so bad that I hadn’t seen it and reviewed it yet) but I already had a guest blogger so we stored the idea. Several months later, when Guest Blogging Week came around, I thought that we should revive the idea and add…

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