Author Marissa Meyer Talks YA Faves

OHMYGOSH! This is awesome! The best part was Marissa’s answer to to “Who’s your fav. heroine?” (Fire is an amazing book that everyone should read – but there’s mature content so make sure you’re ok with that, but it’s still so awesome!!!)

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In a little Q&A session, YA author Marissa Meyer answers a few questions from USA Today about other young adult novels, and what her favorites are.

Who’s your favorite YA heroine?

Marissa Meyer: The first that comes to mine is Fire, the title protagonist from Fire by Kristin Cashore. I’ve always been intrigued by beauty and vanity and the difference between internal and external beauty, which is probably apparent in my own novels, and I loved how Fire is a strikingly beautiful girl — unnaturally so — and while this could be used to manipulate and coerce people into doing her will, she sees it as a flaw to be overcome. She wants to be loved and appreciated for who she is on the inside, and seeing her develop as a strong and determined character throughout the book, and how the other characters’ reactions change to her, was so engrossing.

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