A Very Important Announcement

Hello everyone. So this “very important” announcement is about the Top Ten Tuesdays. Yesterday, was a short WordPress day for me since I was really busy – I’m sorry I can’t say why I was busy, I know you guys are probably feeling a bit frustrated about that – which meant that I was just really going to do the reviews and the Top Ten. The only problem – and it kills me as a blogger to say this – is I ran out of good, feasible ideas for the Top Ten which is why I keep asking for you guys to pitch ideas. I honestly love it when you guys comments on things that I write because I absolutely love the criticisms and the praises; it means that I know what you guys like and what I should change and also what your thoughts are. The one thing I keep noticing, though,  is that for most of the top tens, you guys don’t comment, which is perfectly understandable, you aren’t bound to comment on everything. I was/am just hoping that you guys can at least give me ideas because I really want to be able to “talk” to you and make something you guys would like. As well, I was wondering: should I not do Top Ten Tuesdays? Well, that’s really all. I’m sorry for the lack of a Top Ten yesterday, and I’m hoping you guys can answer my questions and share your thoughts. Thanks. Tata for now!


One thought on “A Very Important Announcement

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